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setsuna16's Journal

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I am compelled to update my user info!

Hello, I am Set. This is not my real name. Those of you who do not know my real name will probably never know my real name. Please do not take offense to this, because it is not meant to be something that people take offense to. Lets face facts, the internet is a scary place, with scary people. I'm probably one of those scary people, depending on who you ask. Because of this, I choose to have a certain bit of anonymity on an identity level. Believe me when I say that it is only on an identity level, because who Set is on the internet is very much who Set is in person.

Set, be he internet Set or real life Set, loves many things. Set loves television, particularly daytime television. Set loves music, particularly music from the 1980s (MICHAEL JACKSON FOREVER!) and music from Korea and Japan. Set loves video games, including damn near anything that Nintendo and Square-Enix put out. Set loves Disney, particularly Donald Duck, though he hates Mickey Mouse with a fiery, fiery passion. Set loves comics, except for Wolverine and Batman and other overly whored out hyped up characters. Set loves animals, and basically is driven to tears when he sees those commercials for animal shelters and shit (VH1 Classic is to be avoided if you want to not watch these, because VH1 Classic ALWAYS shows them. Very uncomfortable. I don't need sad animals staring at me in the middle of the Jacksons: An American Dream, thank you very much!). Set LOVES his grandmother. She is his light, his life, the person that he would die for in a moment.