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Rest in Peace, Michael. I will always remember you and honor your memory. Today I am keeping the memory alive, wearing a shirt with your image, listening to your music, and singing the praises!

Thank you for helping me win $100 dollars yesterday.

I miss you, more than words can say.





THANK YOU, snowflake_girl! THANK YOU!!!




Anyone know how to make icons? I want icons of my boy and my girl with their emmys!

Nintendo E3 2011 Reactions

Viewing Nintendo's Press Conference LIVE! Well, not live, because I had to work, but still...


Two BoA anniversary retrospectives!

I recommend you watch both. You don't need to, of course, but you should all celebrate the greatness that is BoA.

I mostly recommend the second video, and that song WILL be mine!



You changed my life. I love you.


The music, oh God the MUSIC!


I will never, ever forget the moment I was walking around the mall in Ventura, walked into a store, it wasn't even a gaming store, and I heard the soundtrack being played over the sound system.

It was like complete and utter nerdgasm.

When I get to the first point where this music is played in game:

I think I may cry.

A Video Game Post

With the PS Network FINALLY back up, I was able to transfer all of my old trophies and such to the new PS3, since the old one is obsolete, won't play my Blu-Ray Games with any dependability, etc. May it rest in peace. Old PS3, you were good to me!

So, after giving up on Dragon Age II (I never finished the first play through) because of the one-two-three punch of Pokemon Black/White, Dissidia and the 3DS, I was like 'well, I'll start playing it again.'

Problem: my current DA II play through has DLC content, which I need to RE-DL from the PSN.

The PSN might be back up in so much that we can play games online, but the store isn't back up. This, of course, means that I don't get to play my DA II save just quite yet. I could replay, start a new character, and keep going from there, but I really don't want to.

Infamous II comes out in about three weeks. This pleases me, as I was pretty engrossed in Infamous 1. Never beat it, but this isn't surprising... I very RARELY beat video games these days, it seems. I'm probably going to upgrade my pre-order to the Hero edition. I really want that Cole statue, dammit.

Here's a note on the 3DS: I've owned it since day one, and only recharged it once. This doesn't mean that the battery life is AMAZING... from what I've been told it's shittastic, it just means that I NEVER PLAY THE DAMNED THING. This will, of course, all change once Zelda OoT 3DS comes out, because that will be my SHIT and I will eat it up like a crazy person. Zelda is pretty much the only series I make it a point to beat.

Yesterday, I downloaded the VC edition of Chrono Trigger. I now own... 4 different versions of that game? The SNES cartridge, which I still have, the PS Remake, the DS remake and now the VC edition. Do I let that bother me? No. Chrono Trigger is one of the BEST video games in existence to me. I consider it top 10, at least, so I'm quite pleased.

On average, I'm willing to bet I buy at LEAST 15 different video games a year... but how many of them do I beat? Not that many.

Today, in the car, I was actually contemplating just how much I would enjoy replaying FFVII again. Now, for me, this is a surprising claim because while I love FFVII as a game, I loathe it as some sort of be all end all entity of life that the sheep make it out to be (you know who you are!). But I would only want to play an enhanced remake version of the game, I don't really want to go back and play the PS version again. No, not really.

This is the longest entry I have made in some time, and how much of it is actually decent content?






And Scooter, you know I love you too, but you've already had 4, this is Laura's first.

But I bet you'll take it home, Scooter, and nobody will be happier than me.

Well, you will. But it goes you and then me.


Watched Brothers & Sisters last night. I got teary eyed at LEAST twice. I love the Walker family. I love them so much that it's ridiculous. Okay, I don't love all of them (LOOKING AT YOU, KITTY!), but still. I need more moments with these people.

At least until I saw the slow dance. That could have been the last scene and I would have been relatively okay.

Then what happens? They change the song to A FUCKING LADY GAGA SONG!!! And I was LIVID! I REFUSE to allow the FINAL scene of my favorite show of the last 10 years to be set to that god damn woman!!!!


Brothers & Sisters!!!

So, in the wake of, well, if you don't know by now you're living under a rock, or at least you know how to ignore huge pieces of news (in which case, I sometimes envy you), Brothers & Sisters got preempted and Desperate Housewives was shown instead. No big deal, I figured it would show at 11 instead of the news because we get NBC/ABC news on two different channels.

No such luck.

So when I got home today I had to go to ABC.com to watch my beloved brothers & sisters.

As I'm watching, I see a name on the screen in the guest starring area. Robbie Amell. This causes my fanboy heart to squeal a little bit. Robbie Amell on my favorite show on TV? Robbie Amell sharing scenes with Dave Annable? BE STILL MY HEART!

And then I realize, when they're doing their flashback scenes, that maybe, JUST MAYBE, Robbie will end up being the young William Walker.

Now, let me decipher the Set train of thought for you, gentle readers, because you may need it.

Middle aged William Walker, Ie: 30-ish range, was portrayed by Colin Egglesfield. He was never shown in the episodes he was in, which irked me to NO end (seriously, it's a post, check it out if you're bored), but I know Colin's voice, and I saw his name on the screen as a guest star.

This means Robbie and Colin play the same person.

In one of the MANY role playing games I have partaken in over the last 8 years, I used Robbie for a character. His father? Colin Egglesfield. The likeness between the two is uncanny.

ABC.com's media player is super glitchy right now, which is INFURIATING, because I was trying to watch and the damned thing would stall. So I went to another site, which is something like a youtube, but apparently if you pause the playback and start up again you have to watch ALL the way from the start again. Make matters worse, I had been letting the damned thing stream for over two hours and I wasn't even half way through a 43 minute show. I hate my internet. I've said this many times, but I hate it.

Enter Hulu. GOD BLESS HULU. No lag, no stopping, no idiotic streaming of death. Just pure unadulterated Brothers & Sisters fun. So, I wait on bated breath, like a crazed Journey fan from back in the Steve Perry days (none of this Filipino journey bullshit!), to see if my suspicions are true. Cue another flashback scene, this time showing William, or, as every other character in the show who isn't related to him calls him, Bill, and there's Robbie portraying that bastard.

Robbie = Bill.
Colin = Bill.

So, in short, I am taking FULL credit for this casting decision (entirely idiotic, I know, but give me this little victory, please... it's all I have!), and I was basically doing cartwheels. We're going to ignore the fact that, in spite of Colin and Robbie's looking alike, they look NOTHING like Tom Skeritt, just for the sake of argument.

Course, now I miss Danny and Tim, the characters who Robbie and Colin portrayed respectively in said group... but this isn't uncommon.

As for the rest of the episode? JUSTIN AND TYLER!!! WOOHOO!!!!

If this show gets axed this season, I will cry. I need one more season. JUST ONE MORE. Honest.

Notifs are BACK!

Since my last post about Loni only had two comments, once of which was mine, I have decided to reopen notifs. I don't know if this means that the attack on my journal has ended, or if my attempts at going friends only have proven successful.

Whatever the case, it seems that things are better.

We'll see.

If it gets bad again, I will turn them off.


So says Loni Love, so shall it be!

Yesterday, I went to Cache Creek Casino Resort to go and see the Chelsea Lately Comedians on Stage.

This, of course, translates to LONI LOVE!!! I wouldn't have gone otherwise. I'm not lying.

So, my papa drives me to Morgan Hill, where Sarah picks me up. We drive on over to Brooks. Along the way we stop in a town called Danville for Coldstone (most Coldstone ice cream stores in the area have closed!).

Danville is EASILY one of the most beautiful places in California I have EVER EVER seen. I love it. I love it so much.

Along the way we have to take a strange detour (actually not a detour, because it's the way to get there!), where we pass by a labor camp housing place, it's extremely depressing.

We look for parking once we get there and we find none. Sarah doesn't know if we should valet park, and I look forward and go... "IS THAT CHUY?!?!" and it was, so we went up. I scrambled to get my camera so I could get a picture of/with Loni, but she was gone by the time I went in. Sad.

We run around, hang at the buffet (we was waiting for Loni! AND SHE DID NOT COME!), and then we go to the show. While we are waiting for the show some random white guy who SERIOUSLY looks like he could slit someone's throat and is probably a bit imbalanced in the head ends up talking to us for twenty minutes. SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE.

Eventually, the show starts and Chuy starts it off. He's not funny. Not at all. I was extremely disappointed in that aspect.

Chris Frangola goes on next. He's some weird cross between Ted McGuinley, the guy who plays Officer Lamb in Veronica Mars, and he has a smile that would ALMOST make him a perfect Joker. The funniest thing that he says is that young people, like 23 year old Courtney, don't know what it's like to screw in the back of the station wagon while listening to Journey. They don't even have REAL JOURNEY! THEY HAVE FILIPINO JOURNEY! God, that was good.

Josh Wolf was behind me during this period, too. Very surreal.

He's up next. He's not nearly as appealing as polls would make him out to be in person. Whatever the camera does for that man is his friend. He's also apparently got a kid. He screwed some girl young, knocked her up and has a son. Basically Gilmore-esque. He's pretty decent, too. Nothing amazing. His funniest bit was about kids and trick or treating and how they're content to go for like an hour with some little pumpkin bin instead of a god damned pillow case like you're SUPPOSED to.

Then, LONI LOVE COMES!!!! AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Me and Sarah stand, and a few other people follow, but it should be pointed out that I STOOD FOR MY GIRL FIRST!!!!

Loni is perfection. She talks about how food is good. Bacon is great. Jesus was black (I be he = ebonics!) Noah was my people (ain't nobody but a Mexican who can fit THAT MANY ANIMALS in an ark!), talking about loving yourself for who you are and that stupid skinny people should stop asking fatties dumb questions. YES WE ARE GOING TO EAT ALL OF THAT FOOD, ASSHOLE!

There's a meet and greet after, so we get in line. I wanted to get an autograph for myself, girltype and our friend Andre, but NOBODY ASKED FOR AUTOGRAPHS and I wasn't about to be the first one.

The host basically told Loni that I lost my shit for her (valid claim, it was), and then I hugged Loni Love and told her I loved her and she said 'thank you baby!' Sarah and I took a picture with the group and went on our merry way.

It was such a wonderful time. So glad I went. LONI I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Now it's easter, I'm alone for a few more hours, very tired, and I want to sleep.

Notifs are DISABLED

Consider that I just got about 450 e-mails because apparently something got hacked or whatever in LJ, I'm disabling notifs until further notice. I don't know what's going on, but I hope that they fix it soon.

Funny, I WANTED to get e-mails before. But I wanted to get e-mails with substance, not e-mails that are just hacked bullshit. Does anyone have any information on what's going on here? I realize that this is kind of stupid to ask, since I won't get the notif that, hey, someone responded, but I can check my entries at any time, so that shouldn't be that hard.

EDIT: I think I went friends only. We'll see if that helped.

And now, for my opinion...

I am going to miss AMC and One Life SO MUCH. GH is my first soap, but One Life has been the show that I enjoy watching way more. In fact, in 2009 and 2010, I don't think there was a show, soap or not, that I loved watching more than One Life To Live.

One thing to note is that One Life is where I learned to love. I was in love with Tina Lord when I was like 3. She's pretty much the main reason why I have such a fixation on redheads that I do. I may love Scott Clifton, Laura Wright, Colin Egglesfield and Susan Lucci more overall, but Andrea Evans will FOREVER hold a special place in my heart.

AMC I haven't watched in over a year, really. The last time I REALLY watched was back when Stewart got killed and the immediate fallout after that, but aside from David Canary's exit, and Palmer's death episodes, I haven't seen it. They lost me when they killed Josh, they really did (but I can see him in Something Borrowed! Woohoo!).

Still, when I think of the fact that Susan Lucci and Erica Elezak have been on their respective shows for the ENTIRETY of my life, it really makes you go 'wow, we're losing something special here.'

Shame on everyone responsible for allowing this travesty to happen to happen. Soaps will remain forever viable. They're a window into a world that we can escape to, where we learn to love what happens to people.


Losing stuff

I seem to be in the current habit of misplacing things. First is my carrying case with a few of my DS games, which I am PRETTY sure I left in Sarah's car, but she says she doesn't see it. I believe her, but if it is not there then I don't know where it is.

Second is the badge that I need to get into the building at work. There's always a non-locked door open or I can just piggyback on someone else, but I don't know where that is, either.

It's quite annoying.

Other than that, I've been playing a LOT of Dissidia. I finished the first main storyline and am replaying the first game's storyline in the new format, just because. I am enjoying myself, although it has put a halt to Dragon Age II's gameplay time. Oh well, not like I have much else to do right now anyway.

I hope I can find my missing stuff.

Wonder Con 2011 Report!

It really should be named Claustrophobiacon.

I'm not even kidding.

This is my second year attending Wonder Con, a comic book convention in San Fran for those that don't know.

I was looking for the Bengali thundercats statue, but I didn't see it. I didn't see ANY Thundercats statues. Not Cheetara, not Lion-O, not Mumm-Ra, NOTHING! I was pissssssed.

I did, however, find the CUTEST original artwork of a bunch of 80s cartoon villains celebrating a birthday party. Oh my god, I squeed a little bit. It was ADORABLE.

I only spent about 50 dollars, including the pass for the train and food, which I'm a little miffed about, but at the same time I realize that, hey, that's more money that I can spend at another time, which is a good thing. I didn't get the artwork, since I didn't get to go back into the room one more time before we left, but girltype is going to pick it up for me, cuz she's win like that.

We went to a panel for the upcoming movie Immortals, because Kellan Lutz was going to be there and we wanted to see Twihards go batshit crazy. Alas, because he was filming Twilight, he couldn't make it. MOTHER FUCKING TWILIGHT! It still managed to entertain the HELL out of us because Tarsim Singh, the director, is quite possibly the FUNNIEST panelist EVER!!!

I really wish the place was a lot less crowded. I can DEAL with crowds pretty well, most of the time (hello, Disneyland!), but a crowd like that? I HATE IT. Everything is super intensely crowded and it's impossible to go into the booths. All it really does is reaffirm my utter and complete lack of desire to EVER attend San Diego Comic Con. I'm sure it is 1000000000 times better, but it's also 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times crazier, and I don't want to deal with that.

Too Much Of A Good Thing?

Been awhile since I posted anything with any sort of SUBSTANCE, and, well, this post probably won't change that longstanding record of mine. I don't really use this thing anymore, as you're all pretty much well aware. I use it to check on some communities, post in the GH community here and there, and occasionally do some posting of my own.

Today I am posting about one of my favorite past times... and, up until about 10 years ago it was my favorite past time. VIDEO GAMES.

March has been CRAZY for me in terms of gaming. First came Pokemon White/Black. I got them both because I'm hardcore like that, although the fact that I haven't really done a lot IN Black shows the faultiness inherit in my own system. I need to restart the game, pick Snivy (the grass starter) and get to the point where I can trade the thing onto my White data do that my white character can have all of the starters (this is the entire reason why I picked up Black in addition to White. I'm not even lying...), and that will be cool.

Then, two days after that, Dragon Age II came out. While I am forever bitter about the fact that I can't have an elf main character again (although the revamp of elven features in this game makes it an easier pill to swallow... they're kind of... they look like they're on drugs with their sucked in faces. Not appealing at all!), it's still fun to play around in Kirkwall. I'm trying to get around to being with Merrill, but I think I may have jacked up my chances with her. Drat.

Throw in MvC3 which came out last month and which I now have Shuma-Gorath and Jill to play around with and early March was riddled with gaming time. Not that I'm mad about it. Like I said, I love video games still.

But then Parasite Eve was released on the Playstation Network. Parasite Eve is one of those few PS1 era games that I was very upset about not getting a chance to own/play. There's probably only like five games on that list, and the PSN has graciously allowed me the opportunity to own in a virtual form. For those that are curious, this list includes Parasite Eve, Suikoden I, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (all three of which I now own on my PS3) and Parasite Eve II. I don't know if there are more, like I said it was a very small list.

Tuesday sees the release of Dissidia 012. More time with Terra and Kefka? YES PLEASE!

The following Sunday is the release of the 3DS. Yes, I own the DS Lite, the DSi and the DSi XL, but is that going to stop me from owning the 3DS? No, no it is not.

That Tuesday is the release of Parasite Eve: 3rd Birthday.

So, as you can see, gaming has come back into my life with full force, and I couldn't be happier. It makes time pass by a lot easier, especially because I'm still without a creative outlet for my writing. Although it could be considered a small blessing in disguise. If I'm writing that usually takes priority for me, because that's just the way that I am. If people are depending on me to do something, I feel like I'm obligated to do it in a reasonable amount of time. There's no denying that it pulls from my video game time, but then video game time pulls from my writing time. If I don't have any of the writing time it means I can devote most of my free time to video games. And since March is a lull for TV shows, it all basically works out in the end.

I guess I don't think that it's too much of a good thing right now, because I'm having an easier time passing through the boredom than I do otherwise.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go and run around Kirkwall a little bit more.

Yoshi does it better!

Saw that yesterday when I was looking around youtube. NO, I was NOT looking up Biebs videos, I was actually looking at Mario Paint clips and then that one rolled up and I was like 'sure, why not, I'll check it out!'

And it was VERY CUTE! I particularly like it when Luigi cameos. Not the most flattering cameo in the world, but I'll take what I can get.

So, other than that I haven't been up to a lot. I'm playing a lot of Pokemon and Marvel Versus Capcom 3. I think I might try and finish up my human noble version and become KING OF THE LAND before Dragon Age 2 comes out! SO EXCITED! But I probably won't. As much as I loved Dragon Age, and I did love it quite a bit, I did get tired of doing the EXACT SAME THING outside of the origin quest. This is my third time going into the Underground, fighting the werewolves, dealing with the GOD DAMNED FADE. Ugh, it gets very tiring very quickly.

I've basically given up on DCUO. I have no desire to play the game any more. I can't trade it in (not that I would), but I can't justify paying 15 bucks a month for something that I don't feel is WORTH 15 bucks a month. It was different when I thought it would be free for playstation plus members. Since it isn't, and since I already spent 50 bucks thinking that I would save a lot more, that's just not a good investment.

Creativity on Hold

So, yesterday was officially month FOUR without me having a creative outlet for my prose. I've probably had a dry spell as long as that, if not longer, in the past, and while I'm not quite yet going batshit crazy (I'm annoyed, but overall I'm okay), I would still VERY MUCH like an outlet again.

I suppose if I wanted to, I could have participated in NaNoWriMo, but I've never supported that movement. I don't judge anyone who does, but I don't like the idea of being prompted to write something during a specific month. Yes, I know, nobody's making writers do it, but it just doesn't gel with me. And it isn't like there isn't a bunch of groups out there that I could join, but none of them seem that appealing to me. I'm entirely too picky, and I understand that I have nobody to blame for that but myself.

In other news: DCUO is a decent way of passing the time, but I don't see myself investing in it in the long run. I've already hit the level 30 cap with one character, starting up another (this time with Superman as my mentor. NEVER BATMAN!), and I sort of just am like 'but I already did this...' which doesn't work so well in a game where the story is super limited. I was afraid of letting the MMORPG take over my life the way that Everquest did when I was 16, but I've obviously grown quite a bit, and have more things to do with my life now. Or because I have to watch so much TV, I can't also play on the PS3 at the same time. But even when I could be playing DCUO, I sometimes play Mass Effect 2 instead.

It's good that I have something to do, but I miss my passion. I miss developing characters, watching the way that things shape themselves because of a collective event. I miss having e-mails in my inbox that AREN'T just weekly ads from gamestop, amazon, disney and so on.

I just miss it.