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A Video Game Post

In an effort to do something today (I've got a whole lot of nothing planned except for watching the AMC special on TV, followed by True Blood's season finale), I've decided to make a post! I know, fascinating, isn't it? A POST!!!!

Yesterday I picked up my copy of Star Fox 64 3D. I have a love relationship with Star Fox 64 proper, but the SNES Star Fox SUCKED. I'm sorry, but once you take off your rose colored nostalgia glasses, you know it's true. The 64 game, on the other hand, was amazing!!! I don't know how much I will play it, though. I'm not taking my 3DS to Disneyland (5 DAYS!) because the charge doesn't last long enough anyway. I'll just take two of my DS systems so me and my friend will have something to do while we wait for parades/fireworks/world of color. People envy our preparedness as they sit there bored out of their collective minds for an hour. What can I say? When you've Disneyland'ed as much as I have, you know how to play the game!

But, there are still other games coming out in the near future that I am very excited for!

First up is Kirby: Mass Attack for the DS. It might seem like a bit of a backwards step, since I'm buying a DS game after the 3DS comes out, but I don't really care. It's Kirby!!! I have legit love for the little pink puffball, always have, always will. His games are generally pretty damned good (Canvas Curse wasn't, but I digress), and I'm really excited for it! Plus, it's always good to have something to play while I'm watching TV, and with the upcoming season inching closer and closer, more portable games is never a bad thing!

Next up is X-Men: Destiny, the PS3 version. I'm an X-Men stan, plain and simple. People are iffy about this game, and so I am. The graphics look sub par considering that it's going to be on a current gen-system, and the voice acting is, again, questionable. There's some serious miscasting going on here. Like, why is Scott Porter NOT voicing the football player and Milo Venti-whatever NOT voicing the punk kid? I'm just saying, it makes WAY more sense. I'm holding out hope for a Hellion appearance (with hands and forearms, please. Spleen optional, but short hair!), but I'm not holding my breath. It has Jean-Paul, which I always support. Gay, pointy eared, sassy Canadians are never a bad thing! It's 95% of the reason I buy Alpha Flight (the other 5% is my longstanding love for Heather Hudson. I also support redheaded Canadians who are married to douches...)...

Further down the line is ANOTHER Kirby game, this time for the Wii: Kirby Return to Dreamland. I doubt it will be as AMAZING as Epic Yarn (if you haven't played Epic Yarn you're missing out on both a quality game and a serious work of art. It's so pretty!!!), but, again, I have serious love for Kirby and the fact that it is 4 Players is a good thing. I don't really utilize multiplayer for my consoles (FOREVER ALONE!), but when I can do it there is a good time to be had by everyone!!

November brings the HOLY GRAIL OF GAMEDOM!!!! SKYWARD SWORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AIEEEE!!!!! SHAKIN' AND CRYIN'! NEW ZELDA IS UPON MEEEEEE!!! And, just in time for the long Thanksgiving weekend. If I had time off, I would seriously consider taking the whole week off strictly to play Zelda. Alas, with Disneyland this week, New York next month and BACK to Disneyland in December, time is not on my side (Boy George mourns). It releases on a Sunday, and I've already got plans in place for what to do in case there's a Midnight release. I hope there is. Zelda. Is. Life. I'm not really sure how I feel about Zelda herself not being a Princess (and she's kinda ugly. Just saying), but if there is ONE series that I can trust to give me everything I want in my life (on console, at least. I do not like the DS Zeldas... but I still buy them!), it is Zelda. I'm still kind of sad that I won't get to see the Zelda concert in LA now, but for BoA we must make sacrifices.

Sometime in November, supposedly, they're supposed to come out with Ultimate Marvel versus Capcom 3. I don't anticipate this being the FINAL version of the game. This is a Capcom fighting game we're talking about, after all. Even so, I'm going to be buying it and playing it. I'm not entirely jazzed about the new characters (Strider, yay! Rocket Raccoon? WHAT THE HELL?), and I'm certainly pissed about the lack of new FEMALE characters (where's my baby, Psylocke? DE DONDE ESTA AQUI?), but I like the idea of new stages. Just please give me better endings, Capcom. Udon artwork is beautiful, but two stills? This does not an ending make in 2011!

Also coming out in November, apparently, is Super Mario 3D Land. THE RETURN OF THE TANOOKI SUIT!!! I am there, WITH my Tanooki hoodie (it has ears!). Those who know me know of my severe love for Mario's games while also harboring a severe hatred for MARIO himself. BUT THE GOD. DAMN. TANOOKI. SUIT!!!! Plus, Mario Platform games are forever impressive. Yes, even Sunshine. I'm holding out hope that 3D Land will have a Luigi option. It won't stop me from playing, but it'll be that much cooler if they do! And bring back the Koopalings! I MISS THEM!

Sometime in December comes Mario Kart 3DS. Again, slap a Mario on the cover and you're going to get my money. There's no denying that this is a fact of life. You take the good (the game) you take the bad (Mario) you take them both and then you have... you know? But Mario Kart allows me to kill Mario. Okay, knock him into oblivion and run him over. And trust me, I do this. Frequently. With Luigi, because that's how I roll! I love Mario Kart, and the idea of hang gliders and submarines doth please!

Apparently, Q4 is going to bring with it the release of Kid Icarus: Uprising. If memory serves I was SUPPOSED to have this game LAST MONTH!!!! But Nintendo is forever the king of delays (it wouldn't surprise me if each of the Nintendo games I mentioned got pushed back. BUT LORD HAVE MERCY ON NINTENDO IF THEY DO THAT TO ZELDA!), so I'm not surprised and wouldn't be surprised if it got pushed back again. I paid the game off already, thinking that I had to pick it up last month. The first Kid Icarus I don't actually like that much, but I do love Pit (I squealed like a fanboy should when he was revealed as a playable character in Brawl 6 years ago!), so I support him when I can.

Further down the line, into 2012, are a few things. The big one, of course, is the Wii U launch. Ready to blow a grand on that on opening day, I am. Don't even care. Just take my money, Nintendo. You've been doing it for 23 years, why stop now? Final Fantasy XIII-2 comes out, complete with Moogles! Luigi's Mansion 2 will be around (LUIGI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Mass Effect 3 is coming (Mass Effect 2 wasn't the best thing ever, but it was damned good! I just wish there was better god damn hair options!!). Street Fighter x Tekken (POISON!!!!) will come around the bend... and I'm SUPER excited for Dragon's Crown. I actually JUST started playing Muramasa this week, in spite of owning it since it came out. It's such a good game, and nowhere near as hard as Odin Sphere. Dragon's Crown has shades of the D&D arcade games, which I love and wish were on the PSN.

Which reminds me... I'll do another post sometime (MAYBE!) about things that should be put on the VC/PSN.