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A random update!

More of a hodgepodge update, if you will!

First and foremost: BoA MAY be coming to New York towards the end of October. Right now it is merely RUMORED that there will be an SM concert in New York towards the end of October, so I'm not super jazzed quite yet, but I certainly am hopeful. It's almost been a year since I saw BoA last, and THAT IS TOO LONG. Once I got a taste of my beloved, that was it. Like I said, nothing about the concert has stepped into the reality phase of planning. There hasn't even been a line up announcement yet. If BoA is there, I will be there. If BoA is not, I will not.

I have no actual urge to go to New York City. Not really. I mean, there are a few things that I want to see. The World of Nintendo store is the biggest priority for me, followed by the World of Disney store, and that is LITERALLY it. I want to see Central Park (to reenact the 'that's how you know' scene from Enchanted, maybe?'), but I don't really like big cities. LA I can deal with because it's LA and I usually don't stick around. I just drive through to get to my holy place. San Francisco I can somewhat deal with because Carlos knows his way around the city so well. But New York? God damn. I have to spend an entire day, basically, flying from California to New York, and apparently it is EXPENSIVE to stay there (I haven't looked, but I've been told), and I know for a fact that New York City proper taxes you for everything but walking, talking and breathing. No, really, they have a sales tax and a dine in tax. WHO THE HELL DOES THAT? Plus, being forced to take taxis everywhere (although the prospect of Cash Cab DOES entice) and just generally being IN New York causes some minor anxiety.

It'll all be worth it if BoA goes, though. So I will keep my ear to the ground and hope for good juju to come my way. Prayer circle for me, my friends! Prayer circle that I get to see my beloved again! And maybe this time there will be merch! Regardless, I will be wearing the custom SM shirt that girltype got for me for Christmas. Provided the concert is real, of course. STRONGEST. PRAYER. CIRCLE. EVER!

My mother got super drunk last Sunday. She called the cops (less dramatic than it sounds, but no less true), and since that night she hasn't had anything alcoholic to drink. But she has been drinking red bulls, which is uncharacteristic of her. She's still being a bitch, likely because of the withdraws, and I don't believe for a second that this is a legit attempt at sobriety, but as my coworker told me yesterday I should remain cautiously optimistic, and I am choosing to do so. Most know that the catalyst for my relationship with my mother being what it is stems almost entirely from her alcohol dependency. So maybe, just maybe, things can get better. Aim the bar low so you don't get hurt is my motto in life. No reason to change that.

Work is... shit. Irene, my manager, and Ted, my boss, have been in a relationship for some time. They haven't actually STATED that they're in a relationship, but we basically all know that they're in one, and it sucks because Irene's 'my shit don't stink' attitude is really, really destroying morale and nobody can go to Ted since, hello, she's giving him the almighty vajayjay. They were planning a trip to Mexico in October RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME AND TWO OF MY COWORKERS. It's like, just come out and say it. I was told yesterday that they're trying to spin a story about how Mari, Ted's late wife and quite possibly the most angelic human being to ever grace the planet's soil, 'sent Irene to Ted' so he wouldn't be alone after she died. I call bullshit on this, as do most people. And if they try and spin that story to the people who I work with, yeah, that won't fly. I love the people that I work with (including Irene and Ted on a different level), which is why I am able to continually put up with the bullshit that is thrown at me on a daily basis there. They're gone until Thursday, so that's good.

Disneyland is happening! We're going on the 16th of September and staying all day on the 17th and 18th before we spend the morning there and come home on the 19th. This is my first trip to my LAND of the year, and it'll have been around 250 days since the last time I was there. Simply put, this is too long. My cousins are planning to meet us on Saturday. One of them will be in the park, one of them will meet up for dinner because she 'refuses to give her money to Disney.' My cousin is a hater. She will not go into the Disney Rapture. I am EXCEEDINGLY excited. It's gonna be a budget trip, though. I hope to spend less than a grand overall. We'll see how I do! Basically, any merch with Donald shall be mine.

And, finally, I found a writing group! I'm about 2 weeks into said writing group and it's... not ideal. I mean, it's a real time group (meaning in game it is August 20th, and tomorrow will be August 21st), which makes it really hard to explore nuances since that takes days of real time and the next time you do something it could be a week after you did something else. The people are cool, but I've yet to find someone who can finish a scene without letting it die and that really annoys me. And it is set in the future, so it's really hard for me to make timely pop culture jokes, or even nostalgic ones, because timely to me is nostalgic to the character, and nostalgic to the me is basically ancient to the character. Regardless, I've ideas for additional characters in the group, but I want to make sure that I get my first character situated enough before I consider a second. If I'm still around after I return from my trip, then I will likely apply for a second. And it really IS a good feeling to be able to write again and to have messages in my inbox.

Today is the day where I want to do nothing but veg out for the entire day. Thus far, it has been a success! And I even got to update this thing with an entry of some substance. Shocking, isn't it?
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