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I need a new hobby...

Seriously, I am in need of something to do with my free time. Ideally, this time would be taken up by writing... but I haven't written anything for over nine months. It isn't writer's block (I don't think I've ever had writer's block), it's a lack of a creative outlet with which I can express myself.

Most of this is my fault. I look for something that is hard to find and I don't get it. I understand this about myself, but I do nothing to change it. I don't think I will change it for quite some time, and, honestly, I'm okay with that. I'm okay with not having an outlet if I don't think that it's the right fit for me. It just sucks that there's been such a long lull between finding that outlet and not finding it.

Usually, when I don't have something to write about, I can occupy myself by playing video games. I have over a hundred titles to choose from, probably about 20 of them I haven't actually played yet, but I don't have the urge to actually play them. I dunno why. I guess I'm just worried about finding what I need in a creative outlet, and not being able to give everything I can or need to give because I'm distracted by a game. I love video games, always have, always will. I mean, see my E3 Nintendo real time post for how much I love video games, but writing has truly eclipsed my love of video games to be my primary hobby, which just makes the fact that I don't have it that much harder to swallow. A bitter pill indeed.

And then there's television. But, I've got news for most people... SUMMER TV SUCKS. Yes, there are a few shows that help buck the trend (the Hub JUST started airing the episodes of Jem featuring Raya, my beloved pink haired Latina!), but it's not really enough to keep my mind occupied, and that's what I need the most.

So I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. It's slightly depressing, but I'm handling the lull better than I have in the past.

But occasionally I get moments of sheer joy. Like, thanks to girltype, I now know that I can run into Panchito and Jose at Disneyland. Or at least see them in a parade. This makes me RIDIC happy.

Now I'm off to peruse and hunt for something that I may not find. Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky.
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