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A Video Game Post

With the PS Network FINALLY back up, I was able to transfer all of my old trophies and such to the new PS3, since the old one is obsolete, won't play my Blu-Ray Games with any dependability, etc. May it rest in peace. Old PS3, you were good to me!

So, after giving up on Dragon Age II (I never finished the first play through) because of the one-two-three punch of Pokemon Black/White, Dissidia and the 3DS, I was like 'well, I'll start playing it again.'

Problem: my current DA II play through has DLC content, which I need to RE-DL from the PSN.

The PSN might be back up in so much that we can play games online, but the store isn't back up. This, of course, means that I don't get to play my DA II save just quite yet. I could replay, start a new character, and keep going from there, but I really don't want to.

Infamous II comes out in about three weeks. This pleases me, as I was pretty engrossed in Infamous 1. Never beat it, but this isn't surprising... I very RARELY beat video games these days, it seems. I'm probably going to upgrade my pre-order to the Hero edition. I really want that Cole statue, dammit.

Here's a note on the 3DS: I've owned it since day one, and only recharged it once. This doesn't mean that the battery life is AMAZING... from what I've been told it's shittastic, it just means that I NEVER PLAY THE DAMNED THING. This will, of course, all change once Zelda OoT 3DS comes out, because that will be my SHIT and I will eat it up like a crazy person. Zelda is pretty much the only series I make it a point to beat.

Yesterday, I downloaded the VC edition of Chrono Trigger. I now own... 4 different versions of that game? The SNES cartridge, which I still have, the PS Remake, the DS remake and now the VC edition. Do I let that bother me? No. Chrono Trigger is one of the BEST video games in existence to me. I consider it top 10, at least, so I'm quite pleased.

On average, I'm willing to bet I buy at LEAST 15 different video games a year... but how many of them do I beat? Not that many.

Today, in the car, I was actually contemplating just how much I would enjoy replaying FFVII again. Now, for me, this is a surprising claim because while I love FFVII as a game, I loathe it as some sort of be all end all entity of life that the sheep make it out to be (you know who you are!). But I would only want to play an enhanced remake version of the game, I don't really want to go back and play the PS version again. No, not really.

This is the longest entry I have made in some time, and how much of it is actually decent content?