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Brothers & Sisters!!!

So, in the wake of, well, if you don't know by now you're living under a rock, or at least you know how to ignore huge pieces of news (in which case, I sometimes envy you), Brothers & Sisters got preempted and Desperate Housewives was shown instead. No big deal, I figured it would show at 11 instead of the news because we get NBC/ABC news on two different channels.

No such luck.

So when I got home today I had to go to ABC.com to watch my beloved brothers & sisters.

As I'm watching, I see a name on the screen in the guest starring area. Robbie Amell. This causes my fanboy heart to squeal a little bit. Robbie Amell on my favorite show on TV? Robbie Amell sharing scenes with Dave Annable? BE STILL MY HEART!

And then I realize, when they're doing their flashback scenes, that maybe, JUST MAYBE, Robbie will end up being the young William Walker.

Now, let me decipher the Set train of thought for you, gentle readers, because you may need it.

Middle aged William Walker, Ie: 30-ish range, was portrayed by Colin Egglesfield. He was never shown in the episodes he was in, which irked me to NO end (seriously, it's a post, check it out if you're bored), but I know Colin's voice, and I saw his name on the screen as a guest star.

This means Robbie and Colin play the same person.

In one of the MANY role playing games I have partaken in over the last 8 years, I used Robbie for a character. His father? Colin Egglesfield. The likeness between the two is uncanny.

ABC.com's media player is super glitchy right now, which is INFURIATING, because I was trying to watch and the damned thing would stall. So I went to another site, which is something like a youtube, but apparently if you pause the playback and start up again you have to watch ALL the way from the start again. Make matters worse, I had been letting the damned thing stream for over two hours and I wasn't even half way through a 43 minute show. I hate my internet. I've said this many times, but I hate it.

Enter Hulu. GOD BLESS HULU. No lag, no stopping, no idiotic streaming of death. Just pure unadulterated Brothers & Sisters fun. So, I wait on bated breath, like a crazed Journey fan from back in the Steve Perry days (none of this Filipino journey bullshit!), to see if my suspicions are true. Cue another flashback scene, this time showing William, or, as every other character in the show who isn't related to him calls him, Bill, and there's Robbie portraying that bastard.

Robbie = Bill.
Colin = Bill.

So, in short, I am taking FULL credit for this casting decision (entirely idiotic, I know, but give me this little victory, please... it's all I have!), and I was basically doing cartwheels. We're going to ignore the fact that, in spite of Colin and Robbie's looking alike, they look NOTHING like Tom Skeritt, just for the sake of argument.

Course, now I miss Danny and Tim, the characters who Robbie and Colin portrayed respectively in said group... but this isn't uncommon.

As for the rest of the episode? JUSTIN AND TYLER!!! WOOHOO!!!!

If this show gets axed this season, I will cry. I need one more season. JUST ONE MORE. Honest.