Set (setsuna16) wrote,

Yoshi does it better!

Saw that yesterday when I was looking around youtube. NO, I was NOT looking up Biebs videos, I was actually looking at Mario Paint clips and then that one rolled up and I was like 'sure, why not, I'll check it out!'

And it was VERY CUTE! I particularly like it when Luigi cameos. Not the most flattering cameo in the world, but I'll take what I can get.

So, other than that I haven't been up to a lot. I'm playing a lot of Pokemon and Marvel Versus Capcom 3. I think I might try and finish up my human noble version and become KING OF THE LAND before Dragon Age 2 comes out! SO EXCITED! But I probably won't. As much as I loved Dragon Age, and I did love it quite a bit, I did get tired of doing the EXACT SAME THING outside of the origin quest. This is my third time going into the Underground, fighting the werewolves, dealing with the GOD DAMNED FADE. Ugh, it gets very tiring very quickly.

I've basically given up on DCUO. I have no desire to play the game any more. I can't trade it in (not that I would), but I can't justify paying 15 bucks a month for something that I don't feel is WORTH 15 bucks a month. It was different when I thought it would be free for playstation plus members. Since it isn't, and since I already spent 50 bucks thinking that I would save a lot more, that's just not a good investment.
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