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No matter what time of the year...

Christmas Korean Pop videos ALWAYS touch my soul. God, the songs, which I can't decipher, are just so beautiful and touching and the imagery is so pretty. It does serve to remind me of how good SM WAS back in the day, before everyone started to leave. It's sad that so many of the people who are into SM now are in it strictly for the new groups. I love SuJu, I do, and I'm starting to warm to Girls Generation (DAMN YOU, GEE!!!! DAMN YOU FOR BEING SO INFECTIOUS!), but I'm still not fond of Shinee. And I do love F(x) because, hello, I'm in their music video! But the point remains that when SM had it best was when they had all the classic groups. There's no denying this. But it's sort of like Final Fantasy in that you get the people who STARTED at 7 and refuse to believe that anything else is better. IE 6, the greatest in the series. These people irk me greatly. Side note: I had the urge to replay X today, I won't, but I have the urge.

Back on point... I wonder what would have happened if Shinhwa would have taken SM's offer for a new contract after the first one expired...

Now I'm off to look at Disneyshopping.com and see what kind of pretty things are coming up this holiday season!