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Disneyland Post!

Since I have been to Disneyland so many times, I find myself taking less and less pictures of things, barring times I meet characters, because I already have a picture of it more than likely. So, there won't be that many pictures, but there are a few! Come December, for the Christmas visit, then I'll take a shitload of pics since I only went for Christmas once and didn't take a lot of pictures!

That being said, Donald invites you in!


It's a slogan, mind you, but I don't think that I can find any fault in that slogan. For me, Disneyland truly is the happiest place on Earth. I am eternally joyful when I am at Disneyland, because I am AT Disneyland. That is my happy place. It has been since I went back after being away for so long.

So, after landing in LAX and getting out, we went to rent our car and we got lost. We got so lost that an usher had to escort us out of the parking garage because we didn't know where the hell we were going. It was quite amusing.

Then, I didn't know where to go. Disneyland is MY LAND, but when it comes to parking I don't know jack shit. We parked near the trams, not the parking garage, where I normally have parked in the past. We got there around 10 at night. I upgraded my season pass to an annual pass and we went into the park, where we watched Captain EO! I love me my Michael. Good times. Went to look at the merch that they had, and there really wasn't that much (a theme of the trip, sadly!), but they did have keychains. Didn't buy any at that point.

We were going to hit up Big Thunder, since Big Thunder is a ride to be ridden only at night, but we didn't. Instead, we went to Splash Mountain. THERE WAS NO LINE! WE GOT TO RIDE ON IT THREE TIMES! INCLUDING TWICE WITHOUT GETTING OFF!!!! Good times. We also didn't get wet. Then we left the park and went to our hotel. The Alamo is pretty low in quality, but it serves its purpose well.

The next morning we wake up and get to the park so we can be there when it opens. The first thing we do is get a pink star, because Disneyland and pink star are the dream. We have our pink stars and we... get stopped before the gates. Say what?! Apparently, without my knowledge, Disneyland has a running event of some sort where they allow runners to run around the park. That's all well and good... except they don't open the park until AFTER everyone finishes. So, the park didn't open until 9, and we were there at 8. Not a good way to start THE DAY OF WIN! Not a good day at all.

First thing we did was go and take our picture with Tiana. We were the second people in line, and it was wonderful. Belle and Ariel were there, too, but I only took a picture with Tiana because she's my girl! Then we went on Space Mountain, because, hello, Space Mountain. After that we were finished with Disneyland and we went on over to California Adventure...

Which... had a HUGE barricade that prevented us from going to Tower of Terror from the place by the Muppet Show. Instead, we have to walk ALL THE WAY THROUGH BUGS LAND to get to the Tower. Of course, it's the Tower, so it is worth it, but it is still VERY annoying.

Then we went to California Screaming. Space Mountain is a wonderful roller coaster, but California Screaming is SO MUCH BETTER! We rode that mucho times and we were happy. Then we were going to get on Grizzly River Run... but it was closed... more fail.

Leave the park, head for the room, stop by the candy shop for some apple pie apples... then we take a detour to my favorite spot in the entire resort. The waterfalls by Disneyland hotel.

AND THEY ARE CLOSED! GONE FOR GOOD! I knew it was going to be taken away, but I had hoped that my early and unplanned trip would let me say goodbye to my special place. It didn't. Sad.

The rest of the day was spent at the concert, which, for the record, started ALMOST a week as I am writing this. And my mind is still blown.

The next morning we know the park doesn't open until 9. My throat is dead (the power of BoA!), so we head over to Coco's where I get a waffle and some hot tea. Hot tea is my friend. It helps my throat.

We decide to spend the entire day in California Adventure until World of Color. This consists of many rides of Tower of Terror and California Screaming. We also watch Aladdin, which was, as always, wonderful. It was funnier with girltype, because they mocked Jon and Kate there, whereas they mocked Jake and Vienna this time. Really? We also detoured in Bugs Land. The little bug teacup things are fun, but the Chew Chew Train SUCKS. DO NOT RIDE!

We have our food at Ariel's Grotto, where we ate so we could get premium viewing passes to World of Color.

They have a preshow which features characters like Genie and Tigger, and a female emcee who looks decidedly like Jem. Which, I, of course, approve of...





This is another instance in which my camera and its shitty flash is not a good thing. Needless to say WORLD OF COLOR IS AMAZING! I was kind of worried that it would be fail, but it wasn't. It was so gorgeous and beautiful and while I could have done without the excess amount of Pixar movies, it was still all kinds of win.

After that, we head over to Disneyland. We FINALLY get to ride Big Thunder at night, and it was AMAZING! Then we come up to Fantasmic. We ponder watching, but we decide to hit up Pirates instead. Best idea ever. THERE IS NO LINE FOR PIRATES AND WE GET OUR OWN BOAT! We each take a row and recline for the ride. Good times.

We do some shopping (I FINALLY BUY MY FIRST PIECE OF MERCH, AFTER THREE DAYS! That's how bad the merch failed!) and then we head on back tot he room.

Monday is our last day at the park. We do Indiana Jones (pretty fail, and the queue is so long!), some Space Mountain, some teacups, of course some more EO, etc etc. We finally get to eat at the plaza inn, which actually isn't that good. It's decent, but not great. Then we go back to California Adventure, do some more tower and screaming, etc. Back to Disneyland, get some more merch (KRISPIES!) and then we head over to Downtown Disney. My cousin wanted us to meet up for dinner... and she flaked. We ate at Tortilla Joes (not that great, but decent, too) and go home and rest up.

Thus ends the Disneyland trip.

But here's two more pictures.