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Wow, just wow...

My manager got fired at work today. I'm SO UTTERLY SAD about that, because I loved my manager. I still love my manager. She was a good lady, she was very nice. When I was having my basic breakdown at work she was there for me, and I wasn't able to be there for her, and that makes me very sad. It was really tense at work today. I knew something was wrong even before I knew what had happened. It was like... wow.

And it started shitty, too. My cousin's husband's oldest son (from another mother) has really, really bad leukemia. Like, 30% chance of survival. Not the kind of news that you want to be told first thing in the morning. My cousins need to get tested because they're his half brothers, but they're so young and it's concerning. I mean they gotta do what they gotta do. I hope he's okay.

I ate an entire box of Hot Tamales (one of those big boxes, like the ones you get at movie theaters) because I needed the comfort food, while at Target.

And then I get home, check ONTD, and there's a BoA POST! I'm very happy about that. New Korean album in 2 weeks!

THEN I check IGN, and they have more information on MvC3.

I'm still mostly sad, but at least I have stuff to lift my spirits.