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So I asked my dad for new shelves for my birthday, because my current shelf was basically packed to the gills and I needed the space. And he finally finished them today!


That's what it looked like before. I don't know if you can tell, but in person you can see that the weight of the shelves has physically warped a little bit due to the weight. That's all my TV on DVD, DVD, DS, PS3 and Wii stuff on the shelf. Easy access. Until you get so much shit that it's basically going to die.


And, through the magic of complaining and reorganizing, I have a newly done up shelving unit! At first I thought of spreading it the same way I did before... and then I realized that I would be reorganizing EVERYTHING every time I got a new game/box set/movie, and with the 2009-2010 box sets coming up starting next month, that would be a ton of moving. Do not want. Instead, I decided to keep the top shelf for just my DVD box sets, since that's what I buy the most of, and already had over half of the old shelf space used up for.


The gap between the old and new shelves isn't big enough for more DVDs/Games, except for DS games. The cases fit rather snugly in that space. So I got to use that space. Plus, it's where I put some of the smaller stuff that was on the old shelf, like my DS, DSi and DSi XL (yes, I have three!) and so on.

After all of that, I put movies and then games. I still have two full shelves! I was thinking of putting my cds there, but I have a CD holder, too, and I wouldn't want to just not use them.

My dad says he'll build more shelves for the higher parts of my room, where I can put stuff like my statues. This pleases me. Although I just had visions of my cat getting up on the shelf and knocking them all down. That does not please me.

Anywho, sleep time!
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