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A good Saturday!

I know it's Sunday, but yesterday I hung out with girltype and our other friend, devoid of LJ, Andre. It was another friend from high school's birthday party, so we went to that. Before we went to that we went to a library a few towns over. The amount of libraries that I have been to are very, very slim. There's the one in my town (which is utterly pathetic), there's the one the town over (which isn't that great either), there's the one the town after that (which is pretty good), and then there's the one in Saratoga (SO PRETTY!). It was nice. I'm not a reader, though, in spite of being a writer. They had trades, so I entertained myself with those as much as I could.

Then we went to Chinese. The Chinese was AMAZING. The Sweet and Sour Chicken was so freaking good. The rice was good. The soup was good. The tea was good. The service was only decent, but it wasn't horrible. I enjoyed it. We got one of those dinners, so we had a crap load of food that we could never finish, including Mongolian beef. I don't eat beef, so, yeah. We took the leftovers and decided to take them to the party.

Before we went to the party we had to get a gift. Before we got the gift we went to Jamba Juice. They have a bunch of secret flavors that you need to ask for. I've only tried the Starburst flavor, also known as Pink Star. SO GOOD. So I got a power of that. I've never had a power before, to my knowledge. Needless to say, it still isn't quite enough. Next came Target, where we got the presents. girltype got her a bunch of hairstuff (color coordinated hairstuff!), and I went the tired and true route of getting her a gift card. Impersonal? Indeed. But whatever.

She lives in a place close to where I used to live, but since I've never been there before we got a little lost and had to call her. Turns out that it was before my old house, not after, so I knew where we were going. Imagine my surprise to find that she lives in the SAME EXACT HOUSE as my childhood best friend did until said friend was like 9. It was so weird being in that house again without the same people I remembered.

One of my cousins ended up being at that party, which surprised me because I didn't know that they really knew each other. Plus a few of my friends from high school. Friends that I don't really get to see that much. It was nice. One of my friend's boyfriends is pretty cool. He was the only one who talked to us really. The other friends all went somewhere to wait for a cousin or something who didn't know where to go, so they were gone for a chunk of the time we were there. While they were gone, we were getting rocks thrown at us by the birthday girl's children. I dislike children so damned much. When the group got back, they were going to eat. We were still stuffed from our Chinese, and took that opportunity to get the hell out.

Next was a stop at a roadside attraction that I know all too well. They have damned good pie, though. We went to the candy factory, didn't get anything there, and we got pie at the restaurant. I got banana cream, which was frozen a bit so that wasn't good. Coconut would have been a better choice, but what can you do? Then after we ate we went to the fruit stand and looked around. While I was there I saw THREE MORE of my cousins (crazy!). One's in a wheelchair (birth defect), the other just got out of juvie sometime recently (possibly a birth defect that makes him a bad kid, but I just think he's a bad kid), and their mother who is an addict (siiiigh). Then we left and went home. It was a pretty damned good trip. I'm very glad that I went. Good food and good company.

Later in the night my uncle came and he was all pissed off about something. He's fighting with his girlfriend. Apparently he had a meltdown of some sort. I went out to get some water and he was like 'she thinks I'm screwing around on her. Why would she think that? Nobody would want me!' I responded "You got that right..."

Which brings me to my next point: I've been watching Daria on DVD. It came out on Tuesday and it's basically been the thing I've been doing ever since. I'm almost done with it, sadly. I think I can finish up with it today, but maybe I cannot. There's really no telling if I can or can't. It depends on how much time I have available to me. My aunt is coming for dinner today, and will probably have my other aunt come around as well, so there's no telling how long they'll be around.

Side note: LJ's search function is down. It's bad enough they changed it so I can't search for communities based on interests off the bat anymore (SO FREAKING ANNOYING!), but now the damned thing never comes up with any matches. Fools, I happen to know that there's got to be at least 50 thousand Disney communities. I just want to look around for icons, dammit. ICONS!
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