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Damn you, camera!

I took video footage of my grandmother, her sister, and my aunt singing while I was in So Cal. I thought I could upload it and give it to my relatives. Sadly, as I found out when I uploaded the footage this morning, my camera doesn't take sound footage. Or I did something wrong and it was on silent. I honestly have no clue. But it still sucks.

However, I have pictures! Remember, I have no idea how to reformat this shit, so it's going to be big and make your browser be all jacked up. I'll but them under a cut so your friends list doesn't get screwed up.

And yes, pictures of food, too!

A few years ago, hell, more like a decade ago if not longer, McDonalds had Happy Meals that had a figure from each of their animated masterpieces up until that point. I remember, but I was beyond the Happy Meal phase at that point. I wonder what Oliver and Company had... hmm... anyway, my aunt has a bunch of them. INCLUDING THE THREE CABALLEROS. I had to resist the urge to steal, but I did. Go me. That's the box.

And here's Donald in his sombrero and serape clad glory. I don't know why they're so blurry. Fail. I still lament that I don't ebay, because I would have won those three caballero ornaments they had last Christmas if I did. Seriously, I would have paid money up the ass for those. I want them!

I love Chinese food. Love it. So whenever I go somewhere, I want to go eat some Chinese just to try it. Outside of Epcot, I've yet to find anything that tops Peking in Chico. This place, Lee's, is about a 15 minute walk from my uncle's house. We went there. My cousin's ex showed up. He has a few. He likes white girls. My cousin is 17, I'm 26, and he's already had at least three more girlfriends than I... if you can even count the one. Captain Pathetic, me! Anyway, the soup was good. Not Peking, but good.

I love two things about Chinese food the most. Actually, three. I love the hot tea. I love the fried rice, and I love the sweet and sour chicken. But I can't eat a full order of fried rice and sweet and sour chicken. So, to compromise, chicken fried rice with some sweet and sour sauce on the side. Again, not as great as Peking, but still great. Oh, and I hate HATE HATE when they have sugar packets instead of just the thing of sugar... because I go through so many. I'm going to be diabetic, I know, but hey, if I'm GOING to be diabetic, I should enjoy sugar while I have the chance.

Prawns. Another thing I love. They have some good appetizers in Chinese places. Prawns. Foil wrapped chicken. Won ton (but not the soup!). Not eggrolls, though. I hate eggrolls. I've yet to go to King Eggroll, though.

I wanted to do breakfast at the restaurant that was at my hotel. But that shit was PACKED, so I had to go nearby. There was a little Mexican place. It took a long time to get my food, and I saw five people who weren't wearing any shoes. I have this thing about barefoot people. Cover that shit up. Seriously, cover that shit up. So, I got Mexican for breakfast. Flautas. Yum. Not all that great, and not worth the wait (or the barefoot!)!

And enchiladas! Flautas, enchiladas and orange soda for breakfast. Yeah, I made GOOD choices when I was in So Cal... yup...

And that's it. I didn't have my camera around all the time, and there are pictures of my family, but you're not going to see those unless you actually know me.