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Saw the proposal last night with girltype and dearly_beloved. It was funny! BETTY WHITE FOR THE WIN!!! But they showed the New Moon trailer and those fools started clapping afterwards! WHO THE HELL DOES THAT?

Okay, I do that at the Princess and the Frog trailer (and shout out DIS GUN B GUD before and after), but that's the Princess and the Frog. Not Twilight. I told them we should have started booing as soon as they started clapping.

Plus, there was this guy who kept on talking. I honestly think he had some mental problems. I could be wrong, but I just got that feeling.

Otherwise, very good movie. Lots of laughs. Ryan Reynolds does romantic comedy well. I saw Def. Maybe last year on Smash day to kill the time and it was good, too.

But it's all about Betty White!