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I've reached a conclusion

I can't just avoid watching Golden Girls. I mean, I think it will hurt, but the people at ONTD are still talking about all the good shit that happened on the show, and it was good shit. Those girls, they're a part of my life. They have been for such a long time. Maybe I'm more hardcore than they are as far as being a fan, though. I dunno. I think I'm pretty hardcore.

We'll take it one day at a time and see how it goes.

In other news: My mom is camping out at someone's house tonight. She's watching some old bitty or something. I don't know. She's going to be gone all night. It might be the first night in at least a decade where my mom's been sober, and I can't even be there to see it! But I could be wrong, too.

And what's dad doing? Sleeping on the ground in the living room instead of the bed. He has the bed to himself for the first time in forever, and he doesn't use it. My dad is a dummmmmmmy!

Other other news: Grandma wants to stay for the party, I think. 500 bucks on hotel, it seems. I went to hotels.com and expedia.com, and they both gave that general cost range. And don't nobody tell me to do priceline. The Shat fucked me over last year when we went to Disneyland, so I won't ever use priceline again!