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There is nowhere left to follow...

Well, I suppose fanfiction. But no.

JUST finished my last episode of Gilmore Girls. That party at the end... still gets me EVERY time. Okay, it's only the third time that I've watched it, but it still does. Not QUITE as bad as the last episode of Golden Girls, but let's be honest... I love Sophia (ESTELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), Blanche, Rose and Dorothy all very much. Of the girls, I only love Lorelai. Rory could just go run off a cliff or something and I wouldn't care. But I love Lorelai so much, and the townspeople, and damn near everything about that show. Golden Girls is my favorite TV show ever. If I had to say which I thought was the best, however, Gilmore Girls would win. It actually has continuity, something Golden Girls pretty much lacked.

In other news: We had our company luncheon today, and for the first time in a long, long time we had raffle prizes. I won. My prize involved wine. I made a very vocal stance against accepting any prize containing alcohol given my strong ethical beliefs against such vile things. I'm like Miss California, don't care, gonna say what I feel and consequences be damned. Instead, I got pizza. It wasn't very good, but it beat the booze.

Then again, would Miss California eat pizza? Or anything else for that matter?
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