Set (setsuna16) wrote,

It was a good week...

At least in my personal life. It was actually a really good week. There's some recapping, but still. Raise, no more working for the bitch, BoA's English CD (and I just got her 2 Disc Japanese Best of/USA combo today), and so on and so forth. It wasn't all perfect, though. I found out that if I want to get my crowns and pay out of pocket it will cost 700 dollars up front. I'm okay with this, because I don't want my dead teeth to be exposed for the year it would take, but 700 dollars is STILL 700 dollars. And I found out that there is only one game that I want until Summer. Punch Out for the Wii. I looked at all the DS games, Wii Games and PS3 games that IGN featured and there was a whole lotta nothing except for Punch Out. I guess it's okay. The less money I have to spend on video games the less the 700 dollar up front dental bill of death hits my expendable income.

Usually it's my personal life that, while not in shambles, is pretty meh. It's my escape life which makes me happy. In this case video games, television and online RPGs. Video games are okay. I have Suikoden DS (the name of the game is complicated, I don't know how to spell it so I won't try), Ogre Battle on the VC, Street Fighter IV, and a few other things. Television is kind of meh. Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters and Ugly Betty are all on hiatus, but I have Samantha Who? and In the Motherhood. It isn't a lot, but it's something. Oh, and Reaper. Can't forget Reaper. Soaps suck. AMC and GH are basically unbearable. One Life is better than them, but the high I got from watching that show has pretty much diminished (it did feature shirtless Scott Clifton yesterday... and the boy been working out). I still watch it because, hello, Scott Clifton and my blind worship.

Sadly, the most stable of my escapes traditionally has become rather unstable. There's nothing going on really in my online writing groups. Some stuff, of course, but on the whole not a lot. The secondary game is all but dead, and at least one of the mods has left and started another new group that I just saw up when I was cruising the ad sites earlier. They're still advertising for the group I'm in, but neither moderator has done much in the way of posting. The primary is going through some stuff that's all for the better, but activity is low. When activity is low it doesn't really encourage much in the way of doing anything. I have faith, but that doesn't make the waiting any less annoying.

Hmm... I think I heard a GH music cue on AMC. Or maybe I'm just getting them mixed up. I like that music a lot, but I could have sworn I hear it on GH more. They sort of bleed together.

Good week. Not perfect.
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