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The Blue DSI IS UGLY!!!

I saw it yesterday at Gamestop. Well, actually, I just saw the box for the blue DSI. It's sky blue. Hideous. The dark blue that they showed on IGN.com for Japan was SO MUCH PRETTIER. I even lamented about it to the Gamestop guy. He just sort of looked at me oddly. I'm a regular around there, though. I think they know when it comes to me they're going to get random shit. So, I didn't pre-order the blue DSI due to its hideous color. I'm fickle like that. I could have gotten the black one, but really I don't need a DSI unless it's the dark blue. Okay, I don't need a DSI at all. I just don't want one unless it's a dark blue.

Now I'm stuck here alone watching the dogs and trying to find stuff to occupy my time. I think I've hit the wall with Street Fighter IV. I can't beat the 15 people time challenge because Seth is a cheap bastard, and the survival mode is also hard for me, and those challenges!!! ARG! Plus my internet sucks a lot, so playing online is iffy at best and a lot of people don't like to play against me (story of my life!). I just ate a pop tart. I like cherry the most, but they don't sell them at Target which is the ONLY PLACE MY MOTHER GOES TO SHOP (I'm not lying, she treats it like a grocery store), so I am denied.

Maybe I'll watch Enchanted. I've been meaning to watch it for quite some time again. Maybe not. Maybe I'll watch something else. I do need something to help make the time go by. Background music, really. OOH!!! Living Single!


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Mar. 2nd, 2009 03:09 am (UTC)
so true your mother is always in the store! She is a regular....

I know one of the daily items she gets is dog food! ALWAYS!

I wanna see Enchanted i always get to the part where the queen turns into the dragon... Cinderella style!
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