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Or my internet is just incredibly shitty. It could be a bit of both. I've noticed some slowdown, or I think I've noticed some slowdown.

I hung out with Vanessa for dinner. We went to a Chinese place. She got soup. I got rice. We talked about the ways. Some jpop. Some American pop, some AMC (Zach, you ruin the dream!) etc, etc. Apparently, when we Five Star New Kids (and get to meet them), I'm stuck with Danny. I get no say in this. I'm also like 10 inches taller than Danny. That fool could still break me without trying.

We also talked a bit about the Disneyland trip for my birthday. She's not keen on spending a thousand dollars a piece on staying at the hotel. The Grand Californian would cost 1951 total for both of us for 3 nights and four days, including tickets and nothing else. She doesn't like that. Neither do I. But she was like 'if we're going to do this, we're staying at the good hotel!' That's what she said. She's changed her mind. I'm glad. The grand is a GREAT hotel, it's so beautiful, but I don't want to spend that kind of money.

So, we know how much the grand costs, lets see how much the Disneyland Hotel costs...
1555 (which is... about two hundred dollars less...)

And Paradise Pier...
1450 (725 a pop)

2 nights 3 days prices?

Disneyland Hotel...

Paradise Pier...

And, just for the hell of it... Grand Cali...

I think spending ANY time in July there ups the price because of the 4th.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: MY BIRTHDAY COMES AT THE WORST TIME IN THE WORLD!!!!