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It won't last, but I don't care!!!

A good thing happened to me while I was reading comics today...

BATMAN IS DEAD!!!!! BATMAN IS DEAD!!!!! BATMAN IS D-E-A-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I believe it. Like I believe in pixies and shit like that. I don't care. It might not be legit. They might retcon it by the end of next issue of Final Crisis. It was probably a robot or a clone or something stupid. I don't care. For these brief, shining moments, Batman is dead. And I am happy.

Now if only Marvel would do the same thing for Wolverine. THEN my comic life would be perfect!

But no. He has a movie coming out. He has to be in 4 ongoing series (4!!!!), team books (the three X-Men team books, whatever Avengers book he'll be in...), mini-series, a new cartoon (which I want to watch, even though the title makes me retch...), and... well, I think that's it. I know it isn't, but that's all I'll allow myself to remember.