Set (setsuna16) wrote,

Even over here...

I lived in front of a highway for twenty-two years or so. An interstate highway. Thousands upon thousands of cars drove in front of my house at any given day. And I had a lot of animals. Animals who liked to go on the highway. Car versus animal. Guess who wins? I will FOREVER be bitter that my mother MADE me go to school the day my dog was killed because the bus driver told me that my dog was hit and therefore could say that I wasn't sick and should have been at school. And that's just one of the examples.

But then we moved. No more highway. It's a side road. There's still a road.

And my animals still die.

Our Remus was apparently hit by a car. He was my dad's cat and my cat. We spoiled that cat SO much. And now he's gone.

Yet my mother's damn cat continues to live? What's up with this shit?

Sigh. I miss my cat already.


    I'm sorry it took me so long to remember that today was your birthday!!!! I feel like a bad fanboy! BAD! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

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