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Halfway TV review!

Happy New Year, everyone!

I'm going to run through each of the shows I watch and give them a grade and say some things about it. The season is about halfway over. Please note that the list does not include my soap operas, because they tend to suck anyway but I watch them out of dedication, and 90210, which I don't really 'watch' but have on since my mom watches it. Yup.

Desperate Housewives: The end of last season gave us a bit of a scare. Would the show really be able to do a five year jump without jumping the shark? Now we're far enough along to give a pretty fair judgment. This judgment is that yes, yes the show can do a five year jump without jumping the shark, but it isn't exactly perfect. One thing that I really dislike about this season is the fact that the ladies don't really do a lot of stuff together. Aside from Katherine and Bree and now Katherine and Susan, there isn't a lot of times where the leads are all together. That was part of the reason why it was so great in the first season. Plus, Edie's albino husband scares the crap out of me. It's good, but not great.
Grade: B-

Brothers & Sisters: My favorite show on television right now. I still love it. But this season is thus far the least excellent. I think I'm still bitter about the retcon of Rebecca not being a Walker and getting together with Justin. I'm still mad! STILL MAD! Plus, they've put so much effort into finding Ryan but thus far haven't done anything with the actual character. I realize that they're, in all likelihood, going to bring the boy out come sweeps, but nonetheless. Nora's side project has potential, and there's a chance that Tommy could be gone soon, which pleases me. He's not as annoying as Kitty, but I don't like him.

Grade: B

Samantha Who?: Not nearly as funny as people seem to think it is. An Emmy for Jean Smart? Really? It's a decent show, though. I love Christina Applegate, and Melissa McCarthy (SUKIE, I MISS YOU!), so I would follow them regardless. Given that it's a comedy there isn't a lot of story to follow as opposed to the dramas, or drama/comedy.

Grade: C

Pushing Daisies: A show that really, really should not have been canceled. One of the best shows on television. I love Olive and Emmerson. They should just spin off onto a show themselves. The narrator does get rather annoying. And Ned and Chuck are extremely overshadowed by the supporting characters (which tends to happen... look at Jack and Karen). But it was an excellent show, guaranteed for laughs, and beautifully produced.

Grade: B

Private Practice: Some people think this show would have gotten canned if the season had been full instead of cut in half by the writers strike last season. I don't know. Addison is one of the best characters in the Grey's universe, and though she's become much less of an ice-queen while in sunny California, she's still a character I love to watch. Unfortunately, none of the other characters are nearly as compelling. I love the southern nurse, though. She's got shafted with Coop, though. Please, for the love of God, make it so that man can't ever have a scene with his shirt off! And get rid of Chris Lowell. Nothing that boy has ever done has managed to not piss me off.

Grade: C

Ugly Betty: Now that Betty's out of the house, the focus has shifted a lot. Maybe that wasn't intentional, but it happened. Less Hilda? I don't want that. Another relatively weak season, which makes me sad. There isn't much to say because I'm not really paying that much attention to what happens.

Grade: C-

Grey's Anatomy: Bad show. Baaaaaaaaaad show. The first episode teased me with the prospect of dead Derek. Dead Derek makes me happy. Dead Derek who doesn't end up being dead? Very sad. At the very least I have the almost assured likelihood if George leaving (annoying character #2), and the high prospect of Izzy following (annoying character #1!!!). Miranda, the star of the show (supporting character!), doesn't get to show off her badassery any more. Alex is tied with Izzy, which is stupid. I don't know what's happening with Lexi, but she's in love with George, and that isn't good. They shouldn't have gotten rid of Erika, but they did. When Grey's is good, it's good. It's just not good that often no more.

Grade: D


    I'm sorry it took me so long to remember that today was your birthday!!!! I feel like a bad fanboy! BAD! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

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