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I love lazy days!

I'd love it more if it was like this yesterday. Not that yesterday sucked (it didn't), but the fact is that yesterday was a HOLIDAY and a day that I should have been at work normally, but didn't because I had it off. Days like that rock more because they're like bonuses. Today is a day I have off work pretty much for sure (barring the necessary Saturday shift that creeps around every now and then), which still means that it's good, but it loses a bit of the greatness.

I kicked back until after 12 before I got ready to, well, do nothing. I don't know what I'm going to do today. I should try to play Castlevania Legends, since I bought it over a week ago (Animal Crossing, too), but I probably won't. I've been playing Chrono Trigger like crazy. 20 hours. So much fun. I love that game so much. I'll probably watch Gargoyles and try to finish season 2 part 1 (part 2 will never be released because part 1 didn't sell. Sigh...). That's good stuff. But yeah, it's a lazy day. I like them... sometimes. If I didn't get out of the house yesterday, I probably would hate it. I need to get out of my house every other day, just for the sake of my sanity.

Plus, it's Saturday. I need to call my grandma.