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Little Ku Klux!

That was the name I gave this kid last night at the Halloween party. We were playing Brawl, and we went to Yoshi's Island. And he was like 'this looks like a gay stage to be at!' Then, later, when we were playing Kart, and Sarah was like 'Not the rainbow road!' He said 'that's not a road I want to take!' According to my cousins, he used the 'f' word (the three letter variety) a few times, but I didn't hear it.

I hate it when people bring their damned kids to the Halloween party. Why is it MY job to entertain their little bastards? Huh? But I had to. UGH!

It was fail. So much fail. Luckily, the party ended much earlier than it normally did. Okay, only like two hours. But still, 3 is much better than 5 in the morning! But the people were SO DAMNED LOUD. Well, they quieted down after midnight, but before? Shit, I hated that so much. And my mom has the most annoying little thing in the history of the world. It's this caged skeleton thing that rattles in its cage and says a few things. Five different sayings. It was right next to the bathroom, and my room, and it continually went off. I want to smack that thing SO much it's not even funny.

I hate the parties. But my dad is going to give me 100 bucks in compensation. Money makes me happy.

And I spent lots of it yesterday. I went to Best Buy/Gamestop with Sarah and my cousins Bre and Chris. I think the gamestop people forgot to give me my copy of Little Big Planet, because I never signed the release saying I picked it up, and when I went to grab the stuff out of my bag it wasn't there. I'm upset. They don't open for ten more minutes. I need to call.