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New Kids Concert Last Night!!!


But first... an oddity. I wake up, and both of my parents are GONE. My parents are rarely gone this early. Actually, my dad is sometimes gone this early, but my mom is NEVER up this early. She needs to sleep off the booze, you see? And, the cell phone was left here. Odd...

Me and girltype arrived at the HP Pavilion a little bit before seven. Nobody was being let in yet, and there was a MASSIVE ASS line. We didn't expect there to be that many. As expected, it was a bunch of people our age and older. New Kids fans are devoted people, they are. We get inside and go potty. I think to myself 'what a great thing it is to have a penis at this place, because there is NOBODY in the men's bathroom!' and after that I see the merch. Expensive merch! Cheapest shirts are 40 bucks, and they sell like crazy. Them fans, shit be hardcore!

We go inside. Row eighteen. I'd say we're less than fifty feet away from the stage, which is great. We wait around, and then Lady Gaga starts. She's this random chick who wore a very attractive outfit, but her songs all sounded the same and I wasn't impressed. A little while later, Natasha Bettingfield comes out. I like her. She did good.

FINALLY THE NEW KIDS COME AROUND 9!!!! AND THE PLACE GOES CRAZY! It was great. Danny managed to impress me with his skills, though I'd still sooner write him off. The best part was when Vanessa was taking footage and when Danny came she hit me and we just shared a look. Danny knows his place. Still, he did decently. That fool is ripped! If he knew we were hating he could probably rip our heads off. He's also INCREDIBLY SHORT. I didn't know he was so damned short, but he is.

They play a lot of songs that I don't know. I assume they were on the new album. Turns out I was wrong, they were on the old albums, but just weren't singles. The hardcore fans know the words, I just wait for the songs I know to come around so I can be happy.

They play on two stages. They do Tonight and some other song on a piano rotating platform in the center of the arena and it kicked ass. People went over there and I was sad because I didn't get to go!

Jordan Knight is FAR too pretty for his own good. Seriously, that man's impossible pretty even now at like 37 or something. During his solo he had his shirt off and he was looking good. He, Donny and Joey got solos. Donny's was cover girl. People loved that shit. Joey's was Stay the Same, and they had a black choir there during it.

Jon was just there. He looked incredibly nervous and they did a little segment where they focused on him and that probably made him more uncomfortable. I love Jon, though.

At the encore they FINALLY play Step by Step, which made me squeal like a little bitch because that's my song. They ended with Hanging Tough while sneaking in We Will Rock You, too. It was a great concert. I would easily go again if they had another show. EASILY!

There was MASSIVE seat drama, though. People came to the concert late, before New Kids but still late, and they were saying shit like 'this is my seat,' but not to me, the people behind us and in front of us. Plus, there was this one time during the show where some chick was told that there were too many people in the row and she had to leave. She tried to bribe security with a five! SHAMELESS NEW KIDS FANS!!!

But I loved it. So much.


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Oct. 11th, 2008 04:57 pm (UTC)
hahaha bribe with a 5! Hilarious!

did you tell Joey I still love him? DID YOU TELL HIM?
Oct. 11th, 2008 05:04 pm (UTC)
Si. But he knew. Joey knew the love. So much love.
Oct. 11th, 2008 05:38 pm (UTC)
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