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Bitch, don't muck it up!

So, I'm watching America's Best Dance Crew (first time, only because it was the Janet themed episode) and they show a commercial for that new Ashley Tisdale movie thing. I don't particularly care for her, or anyone involved in High School Musical (something girltype and I don't really speak of all that often, because we are very much opposites on that), but she was singing Shadows of the Night. Now, most of you know that I LOVE me some Pat Benatar like nothing else... but what you may not know is that Shadows is one of my favorite songs by Pat, probably top 3. So, I have to watch it, just because the person in me who wants her to fail needs to see if she does... and so I do.

How'd it go?

Well, it wasn't great. But it didn't suck. She's not Pat, never will be (who will, honestly?), but it is an acceptable cover. I've certainly heard worse covers in my lifetime (I'm looking at you, Disneymania!)...

For the record, I just youtubed the song. Not watched the movie. I'm not THAT desperate to hear it. And now I bet I have youtube recommending me a bunch of Tisdale shit. I hate that new function.

Now I'm off to watch the original, just because the original can't be beat. AND she looks like Joan Collins.

EDIT: She's going to be in a town twenty minutes away on Friday! Tickets are 60 bucks. Seems like a lot to see Pat (the last time I saw her it was free!), but, I won't lie, I'd go in a heartbeat!