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My boss don't appreciate me!

So, I got a raise today. A dollar fifty. But the 'average' raise that people in my company get is two dollars, which is what I wanted. Apparently, my manager had to 'fight' for the raise that I got. This is truly a spit in the face to me, and shows that my boss clearly doesn't see that I'm an asset to his company, and that makes me very upset.

Worse, I wasn't even involved in the conversation. Other people get to be involved in their review conversations, but not me. It was all done clandestinely, and I think that's just bull. I would have like to hear the reasons why I didn't get the standard raise, because I do more jobs than people who got higher raises than I did (granted, the jobs that I do aren't as 'important,' but I still put out a hefty amount of work)...

Sigh. It sucks. I mean, more money is good, but still...