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I want to know who submitted their damned names for the Emmy nominations!!!! I mean, I know some people through yahoo news, but I want to know EVERYONE!

Really, I just want to see if Dave Annable is on the list for outstanding supporting actor in a drama series... because he should be! Justin Walker is the best. Oh how I love him. But nowhere I look tells me these things. Not even the fabled ohnotheydidnt.

Le sigh. Le sigh!!!

I was supposed to hang out with Vanessa today, but work got in the way for her. It might still happen. If not, I'll be at that damned wedding ALL DAY LONG!!! KILL ME NOW!!! Seriously, I'll die. Actually, it would be amusing to take pictures and see all those drunkard family members of mine who I don't even really know. I intend on taking pictures of the kegs, which I assume to be plentiful in number. And, if I can snag the camera away, I intend on filming a drunken fight (which, knowing my family, will probably happen). Youtube for the win.


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Jun. 14th, 2008 06:25 pm (UTC)
did you try e!online or et online? I would think they would have the full list ..
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