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To Grandmother's House I Go!

Probably. More than likely. At least for a little while. Once again my father has found some way to make it so that I cannot take a shower at this house. For him, that's okay. He's a dirty, filthy man who rarely bathes to begin with (truly). But for me, who goes to work 5 days a week (he doesn't really work, aside from on the house), I need a shower. It's a basic idea of life for me. Shower. Get clean. Nice and clean. Pretty pretty clean clean. So, like before, when there is no shower for me here, I go and stay with my grandmother. I'm fine with that, it makes her happy, it makes me happy. Life is good. Except for the possibility of running into my aunt for a visit. Damn that's going to be hard if that does happen.

Ick. That's not a very fun thought.