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Big Highs. Big Lows.

So, Hasbro has regained the rights to distribute its series on DVD. This includes big ones like Transformers and GI Joe (just in time for the movie). This pleased me, because I damn near screamed 'I CAN FINALLY BUY JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS ON DVD!!!!' Since A) Jem is discontinued in its Rhino form, and B) if you can find it it costs a shitload of money, and C) they didn't finish the series.

And then I read that the press release omits Jem from the list. That's not to say that it isn't implied (and, given that Hasbro made the toys, it seems unlikely that it would be left out of the deal... fingers crossed), but they didn't say 'hey, we got Jem back. Be happy.' I remain hopeful. Optimistic.

IGN has been doing their top 25 Final Fantasy character list. Vivi made #2, which was great.

That fucker Sephiroth made #1. Kefka? The true owner of badassery? #6. I mean, I don't expect people to have proper taste when it comes to VII. People just love to suck its ego-dick, and I understand that. I just really don't like it. Really, really, really don't like it.