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Summer Savings!

I've come to the conclusion that I need to save at least a grand this summer. That's discounting the money that I'm going to put towards the Disneyworld fundage, because I would easily save a grand that way. It's kind of related, though, since the grand will be used to buy stuff that I need for Disneyworld. Like luggage. I need to buy luggage. I severely doubt the size of the luggage that I borrowed from my grandmother for Disneyland will suffice. In fact, I know it won't. So I need bigger luggage. Which means I have to buy it. And I will need new shoes about two weeks before I go so I can break them in. And I'll need to buy at least seven new pairs of pants. And some new white shirts. Probably some new dress shirts, too. Yeah, I'm going to Florida and yet I fully intend on wearing jeans, a button shirt and an undershirt. I'm just asking to die of heat stroke. Although I've been told that it isn't very humid in November. Never been to Florida, so I don't know. That should all run at about a grand, so I need to save it because I don't want to lose a grand in Disneyworld spending money. That would be bad.

Not that it's very hard to save that kind of money, I hope. I mean, I don't have many video games that I need to purchase this summer. No systems to buy. Nothing. Just the necessary DVDs, CDs, and the like. But, knowing me, I'll find some way to muck it up. Maybe if I save 150 a paycheck in addition to the 'world money I'll be good... I'll figure that math out in the car. I do that a lot. What can I say? I'm a planner.