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So, yesterday the one group I have left decided to close down. This means that I am completely without a writing outlet at the moment. That's saddening for me, truly, but at the same time it's understandable.

Yesterday was still a pretty amusing day. After work I went with Sarah to go and try the Chinese place that we found over the weekend. It was decent. Not exactly great, but not bad. It's extremely pretty in there, though. The hot and sour soup they have is extremely, extremely hot, though.

Then we went to the vault to see if they have the white chocolate brownie that we covet still. The vault is not open at the moment, so we drive to the next town and get us some Chili's white molten cake. Mmmm. Then I hit up the best buy and buy the Complete Pluto volume 2. I wanted Donald, too, but he wasn't there. Sad.

Afterwards, I go and pay off Wii Fit at Gamestop. Then the counter guy says 'you look like a guy who watched Rugrats.' I said I did. He asks 'what was the name of Angelica's mom's assistant?' And I give it about five seconds and I reply 'Johnathan.' And they start flipping out and saying how they couldn't remember his name and they had to call people and all this other shit. It was really amusing. Fear my pop culture knowledge, Gamestop workers, for it is greater than yours.

When Sarah dropped me off we watched the Disneyworld planning DVD. Those Christmas celebrations... my god, they're so pretty. I almost want SSW to be delayed a week so that I'm in the middle of the celebrations and not catching the tail end! Sarah also pointed out that if we went to the water parks there was a chance that I would see shirtless soap stars in wet shorts. To which I replied 'Colin Egglesfield shirtless...' and did my best Homer impersonation. Still, no water parks. None.

This morning I did my usual routine. I got up. First I let like three cats in since they love to cry at my door before I have to get up. Bastards. Then I let my dog out. Then the other dogs wanted out, and god forbid my father, who is also awake, do something about that. THEN I try and take a shower and, guess what, the water isn't working. Plus, the shower was shooting black shit out. Yeah, I want to take a shower in that... right.

Probably going to hit up my grandmother's in a bit.


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May. 8th, 2008 11:41 pm (UTC)
Disneyworld comes with a planning DVD!!!! Wow.

I think the vault is shut down and another restaurant is taking it's place. Which is great because the Vault, SUCKED.
May. 9th, 2008 12:26 am (UTC)
I didn't hate the vault, thank you. And, like I said, those white chocolate brownies were freakin' bliss!!! If they get rid of those at the new place I will be sad. Sad that I didn't get to taste them one last time!!!

Hey, look, Palmer on AMC! Palmer!! Token appearance!!!

And yeah, Disneyworld comes with a DVD. Actually, they both do. It has a Disneyland option...
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