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Went work today. Worked for four and a half hours, give or take, and that means that I'm beyond exhausted because I've now been up for 16 hours. Then I went to the mall with Sarah because she got a job yesterday and needed to do job shopping to fit the dress code.

We went to the comic store, where I got a Starfire Bust that I pre-ordered from Action Figure Express but never got sent or paid for before I changed my debit card number. They never sent it anyway, and it pissed me off.

Then we went to the Disney Store... where I saw IT! An Oliver and Company snowglobe. You all know how much I love Oliver and Company. I've never once seen a piece of merchandise outside of the soundtrack and the DVD for this film, and that's a damned shame since it is incredibly under appreciated by people. So I knew that if I didn't get this, I may never get the chance to get it again, and I would hate myself for that!

I'm greatly pleased with my Oliver and Company snow globe.

And now I'm dead tired.