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Fresh cuts!

I HATE FRESH CUTS!!! I can't do a damned thing with my hair for like a week after I get it cut. It's horrible because my hair is my life!!! I need to have good hair, and now I have to wait. Sigh.

At least it will be a decent length for Disneyland. God willing.

I shouldn't be up this early on a Saturday, but guess who gets to work this Saturday? Yeah, that's right, me. Yippee. Bastards.

I've been charged an extra dollar for transactions I made. One from Priceline and one from Sprint. I've never used Priceline before, so maybe that's standard, but Sprint? I've never been charged extra from Sprint, and now I am? It's very peculiar. Actually, Sprint shows that I'm being charged two extra dollars. It says that it's from Sprint. When I go to the bank again when I get paid in two weeks I shall inquire about these things, because if I'm charged an extra dollar each time I used the damned card, well, I'm screwed.

Gamefaqs has a poll today about game gatherings. One of the options was "I've had one or two. They weren't that great." I was almost going to click that after the fiasco that happened, but, thankfully, if you don't count the money I wasted I did have a good time.