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Mayhap this is why I always feel poor...

So, the audit came and went. I was told that we were told that my hairnet (which I hate wearing) has to completely cover my sideburns. Because we all know that sideburn hair is going to end everything in life as we know it, right? I guess we need to cover eyebrow hair, too. God forbid it be showing! Other than that, work sucked as usual. My manager continues her 'I won't work, but you should' tirade. Actually, she labeled an entire lot of sleeves yesterday. It was amazing. And we got paid. When I went to the bank, my cousin, who I love ever so much, was working. I had to let two people go ahead of me so that I could get her as my teller. But it was worth it. Pulling out 100 bucks for that damned fund raiser tonight, however, was not. Nope. It sucks. A lot. Sigh. That's 100 dollars I could use otherwise... like... you know... here...

TV on DVD- Must:

Nothing (which is good, more money, yes?)!

TV on DVD- Maybe:

Stuff already released that I might come across... not that I intend on looking!

DVD- Must:

101 Dalmatians. Disney is love.
Enchanted. Disney is love. Plus, I'm going to get this on blue ray. I figure I should try it out, and Enchanted is worth trying out. Plus, if I get it on blue ray, my mother can't watch it or ask to borrow it. I'm evil. Buwahaha.

DVD- Maybe:


Video Games Wii- Must:

SMASH!!!!!! ONE WEEK! ONE. DAMNED. WEEK!!!!!!! Life will be good. So good. SO SO GOOD.

Video Games Wii- Maybe:

SMASH! I mean... I'll be playing Smash. What do I need another game for?

Video Games PS3- Must:

Ha! PS3 game? You must be joking.

Video Games PS3- Maybe:

See above.

Video Games, PSP- Must:

Wild Arms XF (I think?). Strat RPGs for the win! Comes out right after Smash, so I'll basically ignore it, but that's okay. I'll have it for Disneyland.

Video Games, PSP- Maybe:

Final Fantasy: Crisis Core. Steve's going to be voicing like a 16 year old Cloud. I'm not okay with this. But he's doing it. And I support. I might not get it until next month, but I will get it.

Video Games, DS- Must:

Nothing comes to mind.

Video Games, DS- Maybe:

Again... which is unfortunate. I mean, my sexy cobalt DS hasn't even been USED yet!!!

Misc, Must:

Starfire Women of the DC Universe Bust. Starfire is great. Love her.
Smash Guide. Don't judge me! I need to know how to unlock Luigi at like 4 in the morning next Sunday!!! LUIGI WILL BE UNLOCKED ON DAY ONE!!! HE WILL!!!!
Birthday Dinner for Sarah.
Movie Tickets for Sarah. Both of these are payment for her taking me to get Smash at midnight next Saturday. Although, to be fair, I would have had dinner with her tomorrow and then bought her another dinner on Saturday. In reality, this saves me money.
Foodstuff for the Smash party! Don't know what yet. Drinks (of the non-alcoholic kind, thank you!), chips and other snacks, and probably pizza.
Contacts and eye doctor bill. Bank this will cost. But it is what I pay for beautiful blue eyes. Seriously, if clear contacts cost as much as colored, why the hell would you not go with color?
Disneyworld reservations. We get 10% off if we make them by the end of March. 200 bucks down payment though. Sigh.

Misc, Maybe:
2 more classic controllers. I don't know if I will get them or not. I'm going to see if the IR on the Wii doesn't even work to begin with when you're using the classic controller. Because, if so, I might. But, at the same time, the GC controllers are just so much easier... you know what? Screw that. I'll just test it for people who might want to use the classic controller during the party.
Disneyland reservations. Only if my cousin gives me solid dates for when we're going. I still don't know when. Sigh.

Other stuff, you know, just in case.