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Money woes...

Not really. Only kind of. I mean, I have more money than I've ever had at my disposal (discounting the wonderful years where Uncle Sam would give me money to play with because I was a poor Mexican trying to beat the system by going to college and making something of myself...), but that fun money is 'saved for Disneyland so that I can have more fun there than ever!' money. Which, of course, means that I have less money to spend on other random stuff. Other random stuff that I'm trying not to spend money on, because I want to have 'emergency, just in case I go a little bit too crazy in Disneyland!' money. I was hoping to have an extra grand at my disposal. Did the math, probably going to get only about 500 bucks. But even that's in doubt. I mean, I get paid today, which should add about 400 bucks to my disposable income.

The problem is, on the 13th, I have an eye doctor appointment. It's an examination and purchase new contacts trip. Which basically means that at least 300 dollars is going down the drain. Since I make the money now, I can't depend on mommy and daddy to pay for it. And I'm okay with that. I really am. It just puts a dent in the funds, which makes me sad. The next day, however, I get paid again, so that should counterbalance the doctor cost.

But the smash party is the weekend after (or it should be!), and I can't wait for the smash party! Smash party costs money. Money I'm happy to spend, but money nonetheless. I don't know when we're supposed to go, but that could be the last paycheck I get before I go.

That's even assuming I keep my job. My job sucks so much right now. Yesterday was the most physically and emotionally draining workday of my life. And today is the audit, which means that if something goes wrong and the auditors are there to see it then everything is going straight to hell!

Plus my manager is still treating me like her labor mule. She's a great person, my manager, but she's a piss poor person to work with, because if she can find a way to pass on the work to someone else she will. However, I did feel for her yesterday. She had an appointment, right? What's my boss tell her to do? Cancel her appoint. Who the hell does that? Because working for HIM is more important than doing something that could be important to her health, right?

That's just bull. Bull!