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Lazy Weekend!

Just like I wanted! Didn't do much writing, but that's okay. It was a good weekend. Continues to be. I'm content. Content Set = yay.

To counterbalance last week's list, I am showing the five Wii games that I own that I consider to be the best as of this moment.

#5: Excitetruck

Damn near everyone who played the NES remembers Excitebike. Mostly, they probably remember just building tracks and not doing much of anything else (that could just be me, but I'm relatively sure it's a consensus), and that was good times. Excitetruck isn't much like that. It just has the Excite name. It's still a fun game, but at the same time it's only 2 players, which, given the multi-player aspect of the Wii, is an extreme disappointment. It's also really hard, so I haven't unlocked much.

#4: Rayman: Raving Rabbids 2

The only 3rd party game on the list (the biggest 'problem' with Nintendo systems is that 1st party games are basically about the only ones worth owning) is probably the most amusing party game available. The Rabbids started out in (duh) Raving Rabbids 1, but that game was friggen impossible to get beyond the second stage. I was weary of buying the second game for fear of this impossible difficult level once again bothering me, but the second game is actually beatable and fun.

#3: Super Paper Mario

Paper Mario games, actually, all of the Nintendo made Mario RPG games, are well known for their, well, intense verbosity. People hate RPGs because of the amount of text they have to go through, and these games are probably amongst the worst. But the text is brilliantly written, filled with injokes that hardcore Nintendo fanatics like myself understand and love. More than that, Super Paper Mario is just an incredibly fun game that perfectly mixes RPG and Action genres better than any game before it. And, Luigi's playable.

#2: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Ah, Zelda. The most beloved series of all time (it's true, check gamefaqs if you don't believe me). This is the only launch Zelda title, and 3 out of 4 Wii's sold in America also had this game bought with them when they got them. Ocarina of Time set the bar high, and though some people may say that this game put that bar higher I don't agree with them. This is a great video game, no doubt about it. The action is perfect, the plot is grand, and everything just screams of classic Zelda. The last battle is epic, truly. So, why is this #2? Because the ending was extremely anti-climatic. I wondered if there was something I was missing. I wasn't.

#1: Super Mario Galaxy

I hate Mario. I'm pretty sure I've made this well known throughout my lifetime, but I just thought I would point it out again (and again): I. HATE. MARIO. The character, mind you. His games have always, always been entertaining. And, ultimately, Mario Galaxy is probably the most entertaining game in the entire Mario series. It's a beautifully crafted game with minimal flaws (swimming sucks!) and a grand and nostalgic soundtrack. Best of all? Get 120 Stars and you can play the game over as Luigi!!! The story doesn't change at all when you're playing as the man in green, but the fact that you can is something worth noting.