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I need new icons...

Honestly, I do. I need more icons that express my varied interests. Will I ever get them? Probably not. But I need them.

Anyway, this is Sunday, which means I intend on doing another list. Again, this is because I really want to do something somewhat fun with this thing. While people are busy watching the game, I'll be busy writing and probably watching Roger Rabbit, after the Puppy Bowl, of course. That starts in less than an hour. Puppy Bowl! So what's the list this week?

This is the European cover, or it would be if the damned cover would show up! You'll find that most of the covers I use aren't the ones you're used to seeing, but such is life. After Wii Sports, Wii Play looked kind of exciting. Wii Sports has Bowling and Tennis, both of which are lots of fun. What does Wii Play have that's as much fun? Nothing. It did, however, come with a free Wiimote. Or if you want to look at it the other way around, it was a free game that you got when you bought the Wiimote. That's why it sold, that's why it continues to sell. Not a good game at all. No sir

#4: Elebits

Like Pokemon, kind of, but only in character design. This game has a lot of good things. It is a very colorful game. Honestly, the watercoloring is pretty damned impressive, and the music is decent enough. The concept is also nice. But the gameplay? Pretty boring. I could see little kids liking this game, but not me. I'm a grown ass man.

#3: Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

Fatalities are what make this series. Honestly, they are. But MK:A is a game that lets you 'make' your own fatality instead of doing the standard special movements that worked so well during the prior installments. What you end up getting is a horrible game where even if you win you probably don't know what you have to do in order to dismember your foe. Fail. Massive fail.

#2: Star Wars Trilogy

I'm not as big of a Star Wars nut as other people. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the movies and I love me my Ewoks and Yoda. This game could let me play as an Ewok and Yoda. So why wouldn't I buy it? Why wouldn't I like it? Because the gameplay is pretty boring and stupid. It's a hugely un-entertaining game. I never even got the point where I could unlock Yoda or the Ewok. The game was too painful to merit trying to trudge through.

#1: Zack and Wiki

It has a monkey. A flying monkey. A flying monkey that isn't like those horrible flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz. But this game sucks. I bought into IGN's massive hype machine regarding this game, and ended up having a 40 dollar prank played on me. I've never been a big fan of point and click games. Full Throttle never did appeal to me that much. A horrible game that I wish I didn't own. Even though I'm too lazy to go and sell it back.