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Purchases: February

Because the month starts on a weekday, I don't think I'll have time to do it when it does. But I do have time to do it right now. So I am. Here are the purchases of February, 2008:

TV on DVD, Must:

General Hospital: Night Shift. It may have sucked, but support for GH is support for GH.
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Volume 1. This is the updated version, but He-Man is He-Man!

TV on DVD, Maybe:

Stuff I find? Otherwise, I don't know.

DVD, Must:

Aristocats. Because Everybody Wants to be a Cat!
The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown. Marcie trying to make eggs kicks ass. Seriously.

DVD, Maybe:

Other stuff? I might have missed something. I'm not exactly privy to DVD releases, since movies are hardly my forte.

Wii Games, Must:

Dragon Quest Swords. RPG for the Wii. Action RPG for the Wii. GAME for the Wii.

Wii Games, Maybe:


PS3 Games, Must and Maybe:

Nope. Gee, is it any surprise that the damned thing is just gathering dust? No, no it is not.

DS Games, Must and Maybe:


PSP Games, Must and Maybe:

Bad month for portable gaming. Again.

CDs, Must:

Thriller 25. Support MJ. Now and forever.
Wish. Yuna's second CD. Good singles. Not as good as Precious and Endless story, but still good.
Be With You. BoA's next single. Video came out today. I've watched it for over an hour of real time since then. No lie.
The Face. BoA's next album. Dropped 60 bucks for the first press CD + 2 DVDs. The fact that I own the videos and the actual BoA the Live DVD, thus basically meaning that I'm spending more money for nothing be damned. BoA gets all my love, no questions asked.

CDs, Maybe:

Can't think of anything.

Misc, Must:

Jean Grey Marvel Icons Bust. I haven't got a single Jean bust over at the bust section of my room, because the Jean busts are all in storage still, and lord only knows where they are in that mess. This shall be rectified. Jean gets my love, too.

Misc, Maybe:

Pretty stuff I see otherwise. And I see a lot of pretty stuff. Truth be told, I'm trying to cut down on my spending. Barring my Disneyland fund, I've only got 300 bucks worth of spending money to play with. I'm poor!