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Yesterday and Today

Yesterday at work was so-so. Since we had our monthly company luncheon we didn't have to kill ourselves while we were doing packaging of sleeves. Then the luncheon hit, and it was okay. We had pizza. I became bummed when I didn't win employee of the month, because I'm tired of being shafted. It might be self-centered and self-serving, but I do a shitload of crap at that place and now I'm like the ONLY one who can win it (aside from April, who also deserves it, but has only been a fulltime employee for a month, as opposed to my six), which is actually kind of disappointing. Always picked last, that's the way it goes.

Plus, it was windy as all hell, which jacked up my hair, along with my hairnet. AND I found out that I had an appointment for my haircut yesterday... this morning. My mother is an idiot who can't remember simple things.

Anyway, got picked up from work by girltype and Carlos, who has an LJ but I'm too lazy to look for it. We went to the House of Genji, a Japanese eatery. I don't much care for Japanese food, and I am very, very glad that I didn't get the Calamari because I at least ate the chicken. Odds are so high that if they just cooked that squid in front of me I would have been like 'yeah... no.' The chicken was very good, however. And they gave us a cherry in our first drink. I love those cherries, seriously. I wanted more. That place also could potentially make for awkward as all hell conversations, because you HAVE to share the table with other people unless your table is already full. That made me uncomfortable, because awkward conversations are like the bane of my existence.

We went to the mall. Carlos wanted to go to Valley Fair, but I wanted to go to Oakridge so that I could go to the Disney Store that just opened there. I won out. He pouted. That's the way it goes. Turns out, Oakridge is FULL OF FAIL! And like 5 different stores are all closing for one reason or another. Vanessa went into this one store where the manager treated her like she was the messiah because Vanessa wrote a letter saying how stupid it was that they fired her. It was sweet, a little creepy at first when I didn't know what the hell was going on, but sweet afterwards.

I did, however, get the Neo Geo Battle game that I wanted, and Vanessa says that they have Jem and the Hologram DVDs at Rasputin's, which is indeed a win. A bunch of other stores were gone to. Hollister doesn't have name tags on their employees, so I was looking for my cousin Evany and I haven't seen her in like 8 years, so I don't really remember what she looks like. Evany is an idiotic name, especially when she's half black, because it just sounds like Ebony, and that shit is wrong.

The Disney Store at this mall is crappage, just like the Disney store at Valley Fair. I've given up on Disney Stores in malls. That was it. Seriously, that was it. I'll always go in them, but no longer will I hope that good stuff is there. It's all kid crap now. Sadness. The floor was pretty, though.

Things I have learned about Carlos on this trip:

He doesn't know what's going on with the people we graduated with, which is about 90% of the reason why Carlos remains in my life. I want the gossip, dammit, the gossip.

He's petty as all hell to one of his coworkers. But we all know that just means that Carlos wants nothing more than to jump the poor boy's bones.

And he owns 30 pairs of pants. Which means that he can wear 4 different pants a day for a week and still be okay. Make of that what you will.

Regardless, it was good times. Good, good times.

What isn't good times? I just called the Disneyland people asking about blackout dates for their 2 nights 3rd night free deal that they advertise on TV and on the Radio for DISNEYLAND, and the lady I talked to said there is no such deal. Sigh.