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It be late...

And I apologize for that. I like to be prompt. I really like to be prompt. I am anal-retentive about being prompt. But sometimes things happen that make you unable to be prompt. And that was what happened.

Without further adieu, I present to you...

There are many shows that start getting put on DVD, but, for some reason or another, the run stops short of completing the entire series. Sometimes they can only get a season out and sales end it, other times I don't even know. In order to make this list, a show must have been released for at least ONE season, and not have gotten another season released, with little information on when the run will continue, if ever. I check tvshowsondvd.com every Monday morning, so I know things.

#5: Malcolm in the Middle

Malcolm in the Middle only got the first season released... back in... like, 2002 or 2003. I got it for Christmas that year. And that's the last time that it came on DVD. I don't know the reasons why, something about music rights was tossed around. All I know is that I only got season 1. Now, Malcolm in the Middle is a show that went on long passed its prime. I think season 5 was the last stellar season of the program, though seasons 6 and 7 did not lack for their comedic moments. What I do know is that season 2 was probably the best. The first episode of that season alone resolves a cliffhanger from season 1, and I want to see it! I want to see it bad!

#4: Resurrection Blvd

Mexicans get no love. We had Ricky Ricardo (okay, he's Cuban, but still), and then we had a drought until the late Freddie Prinze Sr. brought us Chico and the Man before he blew his brains out or something. Then we had a huge ass drought until George Lopez came around, followed shortly (and unsuccessfully) by Freddie Prinze Jr., who may or may not get his brains screwed out by Buffy, and now we have Cane. Okay, again, they're supposed to be Cuban. Not the point. The point is that us brown people get very little television love on primetime. Resurrection Blvd. was on cable for 3 years, Showtime to be exact. I remember I watched it first on a trip to Reno in my hotel room. Didn't know what it was, but I knew I liked it. Mexicans on television. Damned good writing. Damned good acting. It gave me Nicholas Gonzalez, Marisol Nichols and Elizabeth Pena (with an accento over the n). It gave me a wonderful first season. And then nothing. I want more! More! More!

#3: Jem

I could never be a Jem girl. My penis all but assures that. You would think that something constantly taunting me with the prospect of being a Jem girl, only to be continually denied would at least partially earn some ire, right? It makes sense, but you'd be wrong. I'm a recent convert to the universe of Jem, which is kind of surprising considering that I grew up watching My Little Pony, Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears alongside my Thundercats, He-Man, TMNT, and Transformers fix. Youtube came, I checked it out, and I fell in love. Jem is a show with tight, TIGHT (and not the slang meaning, I'm talking literal here) continuity, very surprising for a cartoon in the 80s. And the songs kicked ass. Jem DVDs cost about 100 bucks a piece now, because they're that rare. So I'm kind of selfish, because I know releasing the last 25 or so episodes of Jem would bring with it a reproduction of the first two box sets at a reduced price. Still, once you're a Jem girl (or almost a Jem girl), you're never the same.

#2: Everwood

It may well have one of the most beautiful themes in the entirety of television (the Dynasty theme song notwithstanding), but Everwood has more than that. Yes, it has one of the single creepiest actors in the history of the world (Gregory Smith is like the Clay Aiken of television ... DAMN he scary), but it is an exquisitely well written and acted show, which only had the first season released. Very surprising, considering that it is a WB show. I mean, if One Tree Hill can have 4 seasons released, why can't Everwood have the same luxury? I want to see the characters develop whenever I want. I want to fall in love again.

#1: Living Single

I couldn't find the proper title to this, but it really needs very little introduction. Living Single is a precursor to Friends. And, it probably had more African-American's in its opening episode than Friends did in the entirety of its ever so annoying 10 year run. Okay, so you can flip it and comment about the lack of white people on the show, but the point remains. I never forget how much I love Living Single. But I watched the entire first (and only released) season over the last few weeks, and I remember just why. Damn, that show is funny. The four central women are all hilarious in their own way (and, with the Golden Girls typecasting as their guide, how could they not be?), but the men are also entertaining. Another cliffhanger ending would seemingly demand a future release.

And what do we get instead?

Two seasons of Martin.

I rest my case.