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Things that suck

Things that suck #1: My job. My job really, really sucks right now. My boss is being a bitch to many people (though not myself) and it is extremely frustrating to watch him be such an ass for no valid reason. Plus, he's packing on the workload for no good reason. There's only 2 of us who are constantly involved in Packaging. Three if we're REALLY lucky and my manager decides to do something semi-productive, but this is a rare occasion. So, I might be pulling the OT tomorrow. Le sigh.

Things that suck #2: AMC. Josh is held hostage by a psychopath, but Erica instead goes and comforts RYAN!? I HATE RYAN SO MUCH NOW (and, really, I been hating on Ryan a lot to begin with, so this is uber-hate!)!!! Erica gives beloved Josh the shaft. If it wasn't La Kane, I'd hate her, too.

Things that suck #3: Waiting for the new group to start. It's only a week and two days away. But it still sucks. I want to do stuff on a constant basis, dammit. I wanna!!!

Things that suck #4: Waiting for Smash. This needs no explanation. A month tomorrow. A month tomorrow!!! But I want it now. NOW!

Things that suck #5: X-Men: Messiah Complex. Two chapters left, and it seems like they're going to jam a whole lot of shit into those two chapters, unless they make both issues giant sized. It's also not very interesting. People swear this is great shit, but I'm like 'meh.' If I was still a Cyclops fan, I'd probably be having a joygasm. Damn you, Morrison. Damn you!

Things that suck #6: The prospect of seasons ending because of the strike. Wow, that would really suck. I mean... waiting until September/October from May is hard enough. But waiting until September/October from January?!?! DEATH! I need Brothers and Sisters, dammit. I N-E-E-D Brothers and Sisters!

Things that suck #7: The lack of shit coming my way. I like to spend money. January is not being very kind in that respect. Ignoring the fact that I'm about to drop 60 dollars on a Diana statue as soon as I post this...