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As Promised: The Disneyland Update!!!

It will be long. It will have pictures. Not as much as I would have liked, because my camera STILL takes shitty ass night pictures. Sigh. The Best Buy Clerk lied to me. I am sad.

So, I am told that my cousin and her friend want to leave for Disneyland at 5 in the morning. This is acceptable to me, because the earlier we leave the earlier we get there, right? At first I was going to wake up at 4, but then I figured if they did want to leave a little earlier I did not want to be the person that kept them lagging. 3:30 was the time instead.

We didn't leave my house until 6:15ish. Fail. So. Much. Fail. Then we hit this accident that seriously made us an hour behind in LA. Bastards can't drive. More fail.

Around 11:30 we actually get to the park. We're all hungry, having avoided eating anything. So we eat at the Pretzel place in Downtown Disney. I forget its name. Good, though. Then I buy my ticket, which takes forever. Never again will I buy a ticket at the counter. Slow bastards.

I figured that we would go to Disneyland proper first, then California Adventure, but they wanted to go to California Adventure first. Since they were the ones who let me go, I let them have their way. As girlytpe can tell you, I'm scarily effective when it comes to managing time at Disneyland. I didn't have to be that person this time. Though, in hindsight, I should have been.

Since we're going to California Adventure first, it is therefore IMPERATIVE that we go to Tower of Terror first. That's just the way it is. I deal with the horrible movie that you have to watch each and every time. But there was no line. None. At all. We went in, we got in line for the ride to load, and that was it. 5 minutes counting the video before we're screaming. And there were no children OR fat people to ruin it. So, we go on again. AGAIN! NO LINE!!! WIN!!!!!!!!!!! I text Vanessa, she is upset at my luck. Poor Vanessa.

Two tower of terrors is enough, well, not really, but since we are on a tight schedule we decide to hit up screaming next. This one has a line. It said, I think, that it had like a 20 minute wait time. So, when we stop moving through the line, I put on my headphones. Dirty Diana is found and I listen to that. The song is less than five minutes. And right after it ended, we were on the ride. Cool, huh?

We do our first looking around at the shops for the day, and I see hats. Santa Hats. One of the core reasons for my going to Disneyland was to get me a Santa Stitch hat. I look, and look, and look, to no avail. I do see a hat that is like a Christmas tree with Stitch at the top, it is cute, I want it. Don't buy it in case somewhere else has the hat that I REALLY want.

The swing ride is next. Good times. As we're walking back towards the center of Cali Adventure, I see the new HSM concert thingy. It follows me around. I swear to god. I can't avoid that shit, even if I want to. New people are doing the dancing since last we were there. All of them are at least in their mid twenties. One of them looked like he could be thirty. That's actually not very unlike standard Hollywood, but I digress. I don't stay. I run. Run as fast as I can.

My cousin and her friend want to ride Soarin' over California. Those that remember my Disneyland post from June know that I do not have ANY love for Soarin' over California. I tell them to go, and I go and look around. I find stuff to buy for my mother, my boss (I got her in the Secret Santa drawing), but I don't buy anything yet because we still have rides to ride and I don't want to take a chance of getting the stuff broken.

I wait under the bridge for like twenty minutes, because Soarin' had a 35 minute wait time since people swear it is the second damned coming. As I'm waiting I turn on the MP3 again. Sadly, my headphones seem to have broken between the time of Screaming and then. No more music for me for the rest of the day! I have to buy some today, or I will be working music free tomorrow. This is not want I want.

We go to Disneyland proper when we meet up again. I see the tree. It is big. It is gorgeous. I fall in love with it. If it were a nymph, I'd probably have sexual relations with it. Once LJ finishes uploading my pictures, I will share with you. We do some looking around there, too, and I find, to my horror, that the Stitch hats are not available. I had seen people with them at California Adventure, filling me with hope. Nope. They were last year. FAIL! It's for the better, though, because I eventually tried on that cute hat I spoke of before, and even though it was an adult 'one size fits all' hat, my head is large and it does not fit me comfortably. Dejected, we head towards Disneyland.

I see something that I've never seen before. This board thing that tells you of the respective ride wait times. Peter Pan has as long a wait time as Space Mountain. Peter. Pan. What. The. Fuck? I took a picture of that, just as proof. I swear to you, it is true.

I don't want to go on Indiana Jones. I like the ride, but I fear the wait. I am coerced into doing it. The wait is not that long. Then we go looking for other things to do. I go on a quest to find Club 33. Just to see it. I still can't find that stupid thing. It makes me mad. Next time I will find it. Next time!

For some odd reason, we go on the canoes. I don't know why we did it, but we did. And it sucked. Never again, canoes, never again.

I go into the Winnie the Pooh Shop looking for something for my friend who is going to have a baby. He wanted a Shaneele or however you spell it plush toy. I ask them and they say they do not know if said toys are made of material. I call him and he says to just get the softest thing. I buy a moderately sized Pooh plush for him. I was looking for Gofer, but, as always, Gofer be damned.

We eat at the Country Bear Restaurant thing. Good fries. The chicken sandwich is not so great.

After this I'm done with the rides. I need to shop, dammit, shop! So I go to the mad hatter in Fantasy Land, holding out hopes that somehow they will have my hat. They don't, but I'm able to buy a Santa Tink hat for my mother and a Princess Minnie hat for my other friend's daughter. Neither can be embroidered. Actually, Tink can be, but only at the OTHER hatter store, near the front. To hell with that.

I see Small World Christmas. I really want to ride Small World Christmas, but time is not on my side. I curse my cousin and her friend for delaying the start of our trip silently, because if we had left when we were supposed to we probably could have shaved a good two hours off of the time we got there and I COULD have ridden Small World Christmas.

Toon Town is next. They have their own silly Christmas tree. It's pretty. I like it. The Five and Dime is where I get the final gift for my friend's children, a Stitch gun. Then I decide to hell with it, I need to shop and I don't want to wait for my cousin and her friend. I text them and say that I'm going to be at Main Street USA looking for shit to buy my coworkers and such.

Shopping at Disneyland is a pain in the ass. Especially if you're like me and have to buy EVERYTHING that needs to be wrapped in plastic for protection. It takes a long, long time, and it sucks a lot, but I continually do it. I shouldn't, but I do. I find a lot of stuff for my coworkers, but let me tell you, dealing with those lines? I'm about ready to kill people. Especially when I see that they're starting to play parade music, AND I missed the snow fall part which I really wanted to be at.

After most of my shopping is done, I'm carrying two of those huge ass Disneyland bags, with smaller bags stuffed inside. I rest my arms outside of the Emporium and await the parade. I'm right near the tree, which looks beautiful at night. Again, if it were a nymph, I'd do it then and there. The parade eventually starts, and I realize the horrible fact that my camera still takes shitty night pictures. So, at this time, there will be no more pictures. Its a sad fact of life. The parade isn't that great. I'd have to say my favorite part was seeing them hire midgets to be the snow people. They were midgets, I tell you. Disneyland does not want to get in trouble for screwing with Child Labor laws. I also silently ponder how much the people who work at the parade must hate it. I see them lipping to the lyrics of the songs, but... that must get annoying, right? After so long I know I'd hate it.

We go back to California Adventure, and I spend 300 dollars at Off the Page. I buy my mother her present there. An Autumn Tink statue. I buy a Little Mermaid Music Box. I buy a Donald Pill Box. I buy a Stitch as Elvis Figurine (because, until that point, I hadn't bought a damn thing for ME!). I buy more ornaments. And it takes like 20 minutes to get all that shit wrapped and checked. I feel badly for the people who are behind me, and apologize at least three times.

We go to the big California Store, where I buy Vanessa her krispy treats and I see this Christmas Music Box that I MUST have. I also finish off the shopping for other people at that point. We're done with California Adventure afterwards. We go to Downtown Disney and the world of Disney store.

Initially, we believe that we could go back inside, but as I realize we are carrying about 7 bags of shit (all mine) I say that getting through customs would be a pain in the ass. So, we just go over to the car and put that shit in the trunk and we're back at Disneyland for the Fireworks show.

Which they have to stop prematurely due to winds.


After that we do some more looking around, but I don't buy anything more. Then we sleep in the parking lot for a few hours, then we drive home.

AND the pictures are ready. So, here we go. More can be found in the gallery, but I'm too lazy to post them all. And most of them aren't that important.

This is the Golden Gate Bridge decked out for Christmas.

The Tree at California Adventure. I would not mate with it. Though it is lovely.

My Flora Wife...

The Castle!

Blasphemy of the highest kind!

My beloved, all lit up and pretty. Also the only DECENT night picture I took...