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RIP: Sprint Phone

Today, for some reason, my Sprint Phone went and took a shit. It still works, but the antenna thing went kaput. I don't know what happened. I picked it from my pocket and it crumbled. This made me realize that is beyond time I get a new phone. Okay, I've known that it is beyond time for me to get a new phone for a long, longgggggg time now, but this confirmed it. The problem? Not many places around this town that are interesting.

My parents have Verizon, and they swear they want to get OFF Verizon. So there goes that. I've heard good things about T-Mobile, but, guess what... ain't no T-Mobile store here. I would have to go to the next town, which has a different area code, to get a T-Mobile phone. Same with AT&T/Cingular. And the biggest sticking point about this shit is that my mom was always complaining about how she couldn't call me from the house phone because the house phone doesn't have long distance. Bitch, get your ass long distance! There is MetroPCS, but that place is like in the single worst location in town. God it's horrible. Why don't we have a T-Mobile store here? WHY!?!

But yeah, I'm pretty adamant about getting myself a new phone this weekend. One with text messaging. TEXT MESSAGING! And blue. Blue phone for the win!