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Valley Fair Disneystore = Massive Fail!

Seriously... I walk ALL around Valley Fair, which, for those not in the know, is pretty damned big. Not mall of America Big (lord how I want to go there...), but BIG! Looking for the Disneystore, only to find that it was pretty close to where I started, but I went one way instead of another... and I go inside, thinking that I will find a bounty of wonderful things with which to spend copious amounts of money on.

And what do I find? Jack shit. Seriously. Jack. Shit. Bunch of kiddie stuff, which is understandable given that it's Disney, but still. I was hoping for some figurines or some snow globes or something. The Disneystore at Northridge had them the last time I checked. Which was... about 5 years ago... so that could have changed. I was sad, and there wasn't even an Anchor Blue in this mall. So yeah, huge ass letdown. Huge. Ass. Letdown.

But I salvaged the trip by hanging out in Macy's because my dad was at Guitar Center for an hour and I saw some Disney figurines, including the Tinkerbell that I got for my mother. God willing it will ship soon, or else I'm screwed. I was hoping that they would have the Huey, Dewey and Louie Snowman figurine that I enjoy, but it wasn't there. Now I have to order it. Instead I got an Elf Helper Donald tangled in lights and looking pissed. It pleases me. I would have gotten them both, but one wasn't there.

Other tidbits:

I've become incredibly bad at Fire Emblem. Either that or they've upped the challenge factor in Radiant Dawn hardcore. It makes me sad. Fun game, but it'll take a backseat to Mario come Tuesday. And it'll stay there for a long time, if it ever becomes front burner again.

My arms still hurt from Mario and Sonic at the Olympics. But if my cousin comes over like he might, then I fully intend on playing it with him and killing myself further. I'm a glutton for punishment like that.

I might be able to use these best buy 10% off coupons this weekend to buy a stove and fridge, which would get me massive points. Sadly, my father seems to have misplaced my rewards zone card, much to my dismay.