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Time, a harsh and cruel mistress!

I've realized something as of late: I barely have time to do much of anything on the weekdays. I come home from work, watch television, and that is just about it. The only time I have to play video games or do something else on the weekdays is at 6 until 7, because that's between AMC and GH. And there are a few other times peppered here and there. Monday's I have some free time because the only show I watch then is Samantha Who? Thursday I have 10-11 free, but I'm always so damned tired that I just want to zonk out. I slept through like half of Dirty Sexy Money last night, because I'm drained. Friday I have the hour before Women's Murder Club.

I don't want the writers to go on strike, because that would kill me if I had to deal with no new shows for an extended period of time, but at the same time it makes me go 'hey, I'll have free time again, like during the summer!' Then again, most of December is filled with nothing but reruns to begin with...