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Because I'm bored...

And too tired to do ANYTHING else, I'll make up my November purchases list, so that I can see what I need to get. Simpsons movie doesn't come out until December, so that's already off the list. And now people are screaming about football. Not because they're watching football, but because they're talking about it. Fail. Anyway, here goes:

TV on DVD, Must:

Ducktales Volume 3
Gilmore Girls Season 7...

That's it?!?! DENIED!

TV on DVD, Maybe:

Can't think of any. See my plight? Thinking about getting the Gilmore Girls series boxset, just because, but, as I own six seasons already, I would not want to feel like I was just pissing off more money than I normally do. And I normally piss off an extreme amount of money.

Wii Games, Must:
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Sonic and Mario at the Olympics. Or Mario and Sonic at the Olympics, I'm not really sure which it is. It's Mario and Sonic, which is how it should be. Don't get me wrong, I LOATHE Mario, but he's bigger than Sonic. So it is only right.
Super Mario Galaxy
Wii Zapper

Wii Games, Maybe:
Lego Star Wars
Raving Rabbids 2

DS Games, Must:
Final Fantasy XII: Reverent Wings

DS Games, Maybe:
Mario Party DS. There's a Mario Party for the DS? Since when?

Nothing for either of the Sony Systems. What's that tell ya?

Misc Whatnot, Must:
Black Canary Mini-Bust
Birthday Present for Ali
Birthday Present for Vanessa
100 dollars to Ali for Disneyland swag. Ornaments. ORNAMENTS!!!! Plus a Christmas Stitch hat if they have it, because I want one of those things bad.
BoA 2008 Calendar
Tickets to Enchanted for me and Vanessa
Aquarium ticket

Misc Whatnot, Maybe:
Umm... other stuff?
Presumably anything I might want to buy while I'm at the Aquarium on the 10th. If I see a cute otter plush, I'll probably buy it. Damn, I'm a sucker.
And ornaments from the Disney store online, or the store in the mall if it is open and I go.