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Double Fail!

So, ever since the latest season of Soap Star started, AMC has been preempted to show it. This displeases me. Tonight is the last episode. This does not displease me. But I expected it to air at the same time it normally did, so I did not even bother to check and see if AMC was on. Turns out that it was. So I missed AMC (not that I'm not going to fast forward through 95% of it when I watch it after GH finishes in about 30 minutes, but I digress). And I thought that Castlevania was coming out today, and arriving in stores tomorrow, so I didn't do my sojourn to Best Buy, where I *know* Roseanne season 9 and Transformers came out. Which means I wasted a day for nothing. Sucks. But my dad had just gotten back from Home Depot, which is close to Best Buy and he wouldn't have been too keen on the idea of going twice. It's probably better this way.

Oh, and it's raining again. Corn Maze chances slim with every passing moment. SLIM!

Yuna Ito!!! Urban Mermaid!!! Such a good song.