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People decide to change the channel not once, but twice, during Brothers and Sisters!!! Blasphemy of the highest television level! Worse, I missed the tender Nora Justin moment before the final commercial break. The first time it was Tommy and Julia, so it was like 'meh,' but Justin and Nora! They are my reasons for watching! A good, good episode. Sally Field gave more Emmy worthy performances today, and I really hope Dave Annable gets a nod from someone. Kinda sad that Rachel basically had a cameo, but with all the characters on the show it is kind of necessary.

As for Desperate Housewives... last night was the first really GOOD episode of the season. There was comedy, there was drama, there was intrigue. I am getting kind of tired with them continually shoving Dana's character down our throats, especially since she's gotten at least two of the three final moments in the episodes. Still, a very good episode is a very good episode. Even the Simpsons and King of the Hill were decent, though King of the Hill somewhat recycled a plotline from like season 1 or 2 with the bullies, but whatever.